Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Index of Troubles

In which you gain the benefit of our obsessive tendency to collect and parse data. Probably the most noteworthy trend here is reality manipulation that's contained within a set of fears/behaviors/objects that the Troubled individual is emotionally attached to, ranging into obsession at times. Family lines, insofar as we can trace them, and in the order in which the Troubled individual either appears in the show or manifests their ability (whichever happens first). Below that, as complete a list as we can gather of people killed by the Troubled, either intentionally or accidentally. Both on-screen and mentioned as off-screen and/or historical events. Below that, the original Rev's note from The Tides That Bind, for your reference.

Last updated 11/3/13.

Hastings-Caldwell: Weather control, grandparents to mother to daughter. When revisited in 4x01, Marion's Trouble was again out of control, this time resulting in an external manifestation of internal freezing of emotions due to deep depression.

Wuornos: Earthmover, only one instance known.

Hansen-Wuornos: Inability to feel sensation, father to son.

Crocker: Trouble cure by killing member of Troubled bloodline, father to son. Grandfather killed by Sarah Vernon in self-defense thanks to a stable time loop; Simon reportedly killed by Lucy Ripley. Further data indicates that Lucy and Vince Teagues joined forces to kill Simon Crocker, and who delivered the killing blow is unknown at this time though suspected to be Lucy. Confirmation that overuse of this Trouble results in a worse-than-heroin addiction (according to Duke Crocker, 3x04 Bad Blood and borne out by Wade Crocker's immediate jump from alcoholism to Troubled blood, 3x06 Countdown). Since ended at least temporarily by Wade Crocker's death at Duke's hands, though we half-expect a recurrence by powers from beyond the Door.

Mueller: Dream weaver (dreams become reality). Only one instance known. No longer lives in Haven.

McBreen: Causes stability/healing in the mentally ill and illness in the mentally stable when they play musical instruments. Grandfather, grandson. Currently on a boat with the worst mental patients from Haven; plans to return when the Troubles end.

McShaw: Causes food related to food he eats to become contaminated when upset. One brother only. Removes himself from restaurant business.

Leidner-Mitchell: Don't even know how to describe this one. Alternate persona as a succubus (essentially), bearing children within a week or so, which then age and kill the fathers as long as the fathers are in proximity. Through the mother's line. Locked in the lighthouse (the same one Garland Wuornos cracked and sent into the sea?).

Taylor: Taxidermied animals (including humans) come back to life. The animals kill those who killed them; Landon Taylor himself appeared to otherwise be a normal human personality-wise. Possibly ended when Piper Taylor locked herself in a room to be ripped to shreds by the animals, though Landon Taylor and his son are still alive and could presumably inherit/use this Trouble. Through the mother's line, maiden name unknown, probably inherited from her father; despite being stuffed herself Piper retained her Trouble and therefore we have no way of knowing how many generations back this Trouble goes.

Vicky [last name unknown]: Voodoo drawings, essentially. Whatever happens to her drawings of people or things happens to the objects depicted in them. Family line unknown. Solution unknown, aside from keeping her away from drawing materials.

Aarons: Autonomous shadow which acted out his anger and grief. Family line unknown, one instance only. Locked in his house with blackout curtains over all the windows and no visitors who aren't knowledgeable about the Troubles permitted.

Vaughn Carpenter: Chameleon; original name unknown. Takes memories and personality from whoever it copies. One other example, hearsay from Garland Wuornos, who had to kill a chameleon who took the shape of his partner 27 years ago. Family line unknown; for that matter could be passed through nearly any family in Haven if a chameleon's form remains stable in the 27 years between outbreaks of Troubles. Killed by Nathan Wuornos.

Stanley: Precognition; sees people's deaths from their POV (i.e., the last thing they see before they die) via physical contact (skin to skin). Family line unknown, though her Trouble was active as a young (pre?)teen during the last outbreak of the Troubles; she saw the Colorado Kid's death. Still only one instance. Died due to West's Trouble.

West: Pyrokinesis fueled by rage. Family line unknown, though Eleanor Carr's notes mention a firebug in the 1970s in a cabin on the border between NH and VT, also upstate NY. Unfortunately since this is not a known era for the Troubles we have to assume this is a Stephen King reference, probably to Firestarter. Driven to commit suicide by self-combustion by Audrey Parker.

Colbert: Precog/prediction; based on brief but necessary conversations with a person and apparently predicated on line of sight. May be defeated by someone out of line of sight telling the person he's trying to predict what to do via phone/comm. Family line unknown, one example only. Arrested and presumably returned to his mental institution.

Garrick: Acceleration, both of self and of objects. Uncontrollable under stress/as Troubles continue unless touched by AudSarLu. Father (James), son (Michael). Through the father's line, goes back at least one generation prior to James. Described as seizures by non-Troubled individuals. No solution, though his family remains in the house with him where he's for all intents and purposes invisible.

Smith: Reality manipulation when he reads aloud; family line unknown. Solution: only read benign things aloud.

Haskell: Steals others' Troubles via contact with their blood. No known family line or lineage tying him to the Crocker line, but there's a chance this is either a mutation or the originating Trouble. Dies, shot by Nathan Wuornos in a hostage situation.

Clark: Causes others to hallucinate their worst fear via eye contact. Family line unknown; her iteration ended when Haskell killed while in possession of her Trouble. Possibly related to Jennie Meers' Trouble (line reference in Sins of the Fathers).

Carver: Reality manipulation based on their ability to carve wood. No known family members extant at this time; one of the first of the line at Haven's founding created a puzzle board that could destroy the entire town. Possibly related to Vicky's Trouble (Sketchy). Possibly killed by a Crocker, possibly died out on their own.

Pufahl: Animation of machines via prolonged contact, specifically by fixing them. Family line unknown. Machines intended to keep him from leaving Haven. Currently locked in his garage with his machines, where he receives occasional crockpot meals from a friend.

Fulcher: Human lightning rod, channels electricity but has poor control over her Trouble. No family in Haven, no children; could well be one of the Troubled brought to Haven by the Guard. Could also be coincidence, or that thing we don't believe in on this show. Female relative Kira later appeared in season five.

Brody: Extreme charisma, based through eye contact, to the point that people will give them whatever they want. Not everyone is equally susceptible. (Arguably this wasn't decided on in the writers' room for sure until the Chris Brody arc, despite Richard Brody being mentioned previously - Nathan is only "inclined" to give the mayor what he wants in a s1 ep the name of which escapes me right now.) Father, son. Through the male line. Unlike many Troubles, this one appears to have only one holder at a time and be inherited upon death. Also may have been one of the earliest Troubles to return to Haven or never lifted at all; the implications in Sparks and Recreation are unclear at best. Father dies; Chris appears to choose a solitary life which is his natural inclination rather than yield to the temptation to manipulate others with his Trouble.

Hendrickson: Bullet magnet. 100 yard radius, through the father's line. Dwight wears a bulletproof vest, though we haven't seen it for sure in season 3.

Novelli-Keegan: Terrestrial empathy, usually negative emotions. Due to two twins splitting the Novelli bloodline and marrying into the Keegan family several generations ago, requires both families present for the Trouble to activate, in a Montague-and-Capulet sort of way. Is in this respect unique to all other Troubles, as far as we've seen. Through the Novelli bloodline originally. Solved by the older generation admitting their love for another and driving back the plants.

Shumway: Causes time loops. Only example seen has OCD comorbid, which may indicate the shape which the Trouble takes (do it over and over again until you do it right). Family line unknown, possibly because instances of this Trouble prior to Anson committed suicide in order to end the time loop as well.

Glendower: Selkie, sort of. Every outbreak of the Troubles causes all men in this family to leave for the sea; unable to breathe air they return to the water in a "final transformation" at the ebb tide of a new moon and come back to land after the Troubles end. Unusual in that in the traditional selkie myth it's the women who return to the sea. No solution other than an end to the Troubles.

Stamoran: Evil twin that regenerates when killed. Family line unknown. Ends when the original is killed.

Coleman: Decaying disease; the embodiment of an abuse victim's internal self-loathing and poisonous beliefs. (What symbolism. There is never any symbolism in Haven.) Family line unknown. Ends when Nikki confronts her abuser and kills him with her Trouble.

Benton: Become wendigos, more or less. Require raw meat to survive. Family line unknown. Three sisters currently living at/near the slaughterhouse out on Route 14.

Pierce: Sweat kills on contact with others. Family line unknown, though he seems to have been aware he was Troubled. Left Haven.

Hopkins: The spirits of those whose graves he's dug return to discuss unfinished business with their loved ones. Committed suicide by Duke Crocker.

Chambers: Reality manipulation, focused on a snowglobe of Haven with emotional resonance. The things that happen to the snowglobe happen to the town.

Toomey: Reality manipulation, centering around belief in aliens. Father, son, both of whom disappeared, presumably abducted by the aliens they dreamed into existence.

Magnusson: Has the ability to turn animals into people when neglectful or cruel to an animal under their care; manifests in Tor Magnusson as dogs but family stories would indicate that this extends to all animals as his parents made him promise never to have any animals, including no longer maintaining a working farm. Which line this comes through is unknown though best guess would be father's. When he comes to an understanding of his Trouble, agrees that he will treat a family dog well.

Nix: Massive organ failure; capable of sustaining the afflicted's life by means of an additional organ (similar to a facehugger) which removes/replaces organs. (We're not looking too hard at the biology.) Preferred organs come from family members, which the afflicted is able to distinguish by scent. Many examples, only one onscreen (Harry) who systematically made use of his Trouble. Through the father's line; by family history appears to have been going on for generations. Ended by Duke Crocker's deliberate use of his Trouble.

McKee: Human taser. Cannot be touched skin-to-skin without delivering a massive jolt of painful electricity. Family line unknown though given Jordan's membership in the Guard, it's a safe bet that there is one and she was aware of it. Capable of being touched by Nathan Wuornos due to his own Trouble, presumably capable of being touched by Audrey due to her immunity. May be touched provided some form of non-conductive barrier protection. (We wouldn't want to know what would happen if someone tried with rings on under the gloves.) Solution, temporary: wearing extremely covering clothing, including black leather gloves. Solution, permanent: death by Crocker, presumed semi-suicidal in nature though this is left ambiguous.

Daphne [last name unknown]: Reality manipulation centering around her fears coming true and harming those she feels should have reported her missing/come looking for her when she was trapped in a car crash in a remote location. Family line unknown. Ended by Duke Crocker saving her from drowning in her car, though any future life-threatening situations will presumably still cause this Trouble to manifest.

Lynette [last name unknown]: Golem creation; subconsciously causes Lady Justice to take vengeance on those she feels are escaping the law. When confronted with the reality that life isn't as black and white as the court files she types up, is taken into the mural by Lady Justice as her penance. By the number of people in the mural, a Trouble that's existed for many generations in Haven but exact family line still unknown, probably because they all got taken into the painting before they could pass along family history.

Holloway: What you own owns you. Possessed by his house after pouring all his love and attention into it. May induce abusive fuckhead behavior, or Roland Holloway may have been this way prior to his Trouble. Family line unknown, though Roland's been this way since the Lucy Ripley outbreak of Troubles. Believed destroyed by Audrey Parker by the characters, though in 27 years presumably Roland will have had enough time to rebuild himself. Then again, unknown what happens to Holloway when the rest of the Troubles lift - does he become an inert house, or does it never lift? Implied the former based on local legend, but never outright confirmed.

Noelle and Moira [last name unknown]: Resurrection by touch, provided it's done before sundown on the day of death. According to family history, more than one of these in a day is dangerous to the Trouble-holder's health; this is borne out by the downside wherein they experience the pain of each death as it occurred and Moira dies when she takes two deaths at once. Two sisters, through their father.

Mosley: Time travel, both directions. Tied to his PTSD, in that he's first triggered for it (in ~1952) in an attempt to send his platoon to a better place. AudSarLu immune, as is he himself, which may mean that he doesn't feel he's worthy of being in a better place. One example only, family line unknown.

Danvers: Compelling voice/projected empathy. Triggered by her mother's death, Ginger began as more of the latter and gained the former when she acknowledged what her Trouble did. Has more instability in effect the more upset she is. Ceased when her father reassured her that he loved her and would never leave her by choice; since her subconscious manipulations were all directed at keeping people who were nice to her around this makes some sense. Unknown whether or not it will resurface in times of stress, though safe money is on yes.

The Bolt Gun Killer: Arla Cogan: Skinwalker. Name unknown (best guess Arla Cogan), lineage unknown. Trigger also unknown. Skins reusable. AudSarLu presumed immune, going by the Frankenaudrey he's putting together, though that may have other motives. Unknown if/how his Troubled contributed to the instability necessary to become a serial killer. Maiden name unknown; married James Cogan (son of Sarah Vernon & Nathan Wuornos). Trigger indeterminate though presumed to be James' death/her discovery of it; upon being triggered her skin "melted off in strips" until it was entirely gone. Skins reusable, possibly due only to modern technology keeping them from drying out. This Trouble allowed her to make a patchwork body which closely matched her original; as a result Arla Cogan is responsible for the greatest number of premeditated deaths of any Troubled individual.

Brady: Sort of the reverse of Noelle and Moira's Trouble: causes everyone around him to suffer his coma due to his fear of death. Puts himself back in the coma before he kills all of Haven. Unknown lineage, unknown if this is a Trouble that could manifest for less than life-threatening injuries. 

Jeanine: All food turns into cake when she touches it. According to her story, seems to be some kind of wish fulfillment gone wrong: wishing that the wedding cake was hers (implied because she wanted a fairy tale romance/wedding) made all food become cake. Family line unknown, also unknown if this takes a form unique to each afflicted's wish fulfillment or if it's food-specific. Only a problem for her, since as far as we're aware she doesn't work in the food industry.

Robert: Jekyll & Hyde; contains his younger traumatized self and physically shifts to become Robbie when he feels threatened/bullied. Robbie eliminates the source of the trauma and then reverts to become Robert again, who appears to have no memory of Robbie's actions. When killing, Robbie de-ages the person he's targeting to the same age he takes on.

Teagues: Unknown, may possibly be some form of Twinning or sibling GPS. All we know is, Vince has the tattoo in magical appearing-disappearing form, and everyone with it is Troubled. Maybe also possibly be a genius locus form of Trouble, based on Vince Teagues' reaction to Wade Crocker's activation in 4x06. Further data required, though confirmation that they carry a Trouble acquired due to Vince being the leader of the Guard and furthermore his blood being capable of activating the Crocker Trouble (1981, Simon).

Carr: See above re: appearing-disappearing tattoo, which Julia had. Possibly out of the Teagues line, but we put it here as a possible second family line. Current reigning theory is that they did have a Trouble but that Vince had Simon remove it from Eleanor's family upon his marriage to her and the subsequent re-occurrence of the Troubles. If this is accurate, it is a Trouble described by Vince as "brutal," "horrific," "painful," and "monstrous," all words that tend to go hand in hand with various types of body-horror Troubles.

Mason: Barn conduit, apparently. Family line unknown. Auditory connection to the barn which eventually goes two ways to some degree, allowing her access to the discussions held within though not the information. Implicit within this is the fact that she only can access conversations if they involve people who really exist within the barn, not the assorted memories and/or hallucinations therein. (Which tells us something about William.) Solution unknown, though antipsychotic/seizure medications do prevent Jennifer from hearing the barn. She believes herself to be cured due to the barn's destruction, though whether or not this is truly the case remains to be seen, as with many things in Haven. As of "Shot in the Dark" we're aware that she's somehow tied to Unstake My Heart, a book which appears to be a talisman of some kind and particularly effective against William; in Jennifer's vision the moon on the cover is the Guard symbol and the book holds a rune or prophetic rhyme of some kind. Current information suggests she is one-of-a-kind and possibly some kind of failsafe against William's emergence from the Barn. Last information suggests she is not of this earth, so to speak, and may not be Troubled at all. 

Keaton: Spontaneous human combustion. Don turned those who congratulated him as a hero into charcoal briquettes, or who reminded him that he had survived and his partner had not, making this an outwardly destructive expression of survivor's guilt. Family line unclear, alternate manifestations or triggers unstated but considered plausible, especially the latter. Solved by clearing the approximate radius (due to the area effect nature of this Trouble) and Nathan talking him down; one hopes he got into therapy of some kind upon being made aware of his Trouble.

Gallagher: Sentient blood which, when separated from the afflicted, attacks the person the afflicted most hates at the time. Capable of osmosing other, non-Troubled individuals' blood in order to increase its overall efficacy. Family line through the father, apparently, and we most sincerely hope this is a gender-linked Trouble otherwise some poor woman out there is burning monthly rags. Solved when Duke Crocker absorbed the blood pool and Mike Gallagher will presumably be even more vigilant about not allowing accidental spills into the fucking sewer system.

Brock: Causes douens to appear in response to his and his wife's desperate longing for children and his guilt that he's infertile. Solved by Nathan talking him down; as with most forms of reality manipulation this one seems to remain resolved once the afflicted person is reminded of what the really real world holds. Family line unknown.

Tyler: Last name unknown, family line unknown. Capable of possessing others' bodies provided he holds an object they gave him within his original body's hands; however, this results in progressive deterioration of his body to the point where he becomes nearly paraplegic, leading to his decision to take over a new body permanently by killing his old one. Luckily for us, the body he chose was Duke Crocker's, which resulted in the Crocker Trouble asserting its dominance and causing Tyler to die. Presumably this means that the Trouble is also no longer active anywhere in Haven, for which we may all be grateful.

Krebs: Kills people by causing instant rigor mortis when he's forced to stay still and count to 1000 in the wake of a robbery. Unintentional, linked to the electronics he sells. Solved by forcing him through his greatest remaining fear, that of rejection by a woman who seems to have reciprocated his interest. Nearly killed by Wade Crocker, though last reports were that he would survive. Did end up being the catalyst by which Wade was activated, however.

Benson: Gender-linked to the female line. By tradition and lore, the Troubled woman's dreams manifest physically on herself (how much did Clarissa Pinkola Estes influence this?) but Carrie Benson's was altered to extend to others via common sympathetic magic rules. Lucid dreaming and going into the darkest places of the Troubled's mind to confront their deepest fears and overcome them will result in a cure, provided it does not first result in the death of the dreamer. By similar sympathetic magic rules, Carrie doing so cured all those she'd infected.

Driscoll: This gets an additional marker, because the low men from the barn/door managed to curse the Driscoll nephews, traditionally a line completely unTroubled, with a Trouble that created a deep-sea pressure zone (out of thin air) in response to the afflicted's emotional upset. Solved with deep-sea diving/meditative breathing exercises. 

Doreen Hanscombe: Visualization of some kind; used to get sand in her shoes thinking about her Hawaii vacation, supercharged by William to cause a volcano to erupt.

Cliff [last name unknown]: Wish-fulfillment with the usual dark side. He wishes for something to be different, and it is, but there's always some personal drawback to the person making the wish. Everyone who's seen Labyrinth is nodding along now. Resolved in Cliff's death, resetting the timeline.

Harker: Described by William as "Cry, Die" Toxic sound. Every time a Harker cries, someone drops dead. Removed, at least in theory, by a re-empowered Duke Crocker.

Harker-new: Given by Audrey(MarAudSarLu) in an attempt to counteract the original Harker trouble, sort of a weaponized super-acute hearing

Barrow/Crocker Alpha: See no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil, eyes mouth and ears sewn shut by creepy mystical see/hear/speak no evil stuffed monkeys. 

Jodie: Absorption of light and expulsion in the form of concentrated laser beams cutting through pretty much everything in its path. 

Scoville: Inability to communicate by writing or by speech due to some form of extreme aphasia.

Doohan: Induced body switching, with all the attendant issues.

Bishop: Dissolving everything he touches, both non-living and living tissue. Ouch.

Gardener: Ability to draw people of whom he has taken photographs (or painted pictures, as it would have originally been) into a shadow world as soon as said pictures are developed, where they can overlap with but not interact with the rest of the world.

Palak: Trouble contagion? An ability to activate Troubles in other people absent any other stressor in the subject's lives. 

Kirk: Oxygen deprivation, as in sucking all the oxygen out of an enclosed area in an increasing bubble. In a non enclosed area this may manifest as an enlarging sphere.

Samantha: Projecting idealizations/images of other people onto themselves, enabling them to do things they spoke of or only wished they could do.

Crocker Beta: Essentially creating a pressure cooker out of the surrounding area. As far as we know, manifested only as an absorbed Trouble by the Crocker bloodline.

Unknown name: Ability to generate light.

Unknown name: Ability to become at least reflective in the manner of prismatic glass or diamond. May include durability of body, but as yet this is untested.

Colton (maternal, maiden name unknown): Ability to phase through solid objects, including quantum phasing eventually.

Fortuna, Ona: Ability to raise the dead but not in the complete resurrection manner of Moira and Noelle but more in a zombie apocalypse fashion. The dead appear human for a day to three days and then, upon remembering their death, become more like zombies.

Unknown name: Creating a dreamworld, he has the ability to pull people into it and keep them there.

Grayson: Essentially a sonic scream ability. 

Unknown name: Invisible monster that is activated at any noise? Details on this manifestation are sketchy at best. Occurred in Trouble Alley.

Unknown name: Poltergeist telekinesis, the manifestation of which was even more blatantly a plot device than usual.

Unknown name: Some sort of exorcism trouble, killed to prevent Dave from being cleansed of Croatoan.

Boyd: Reincarnation Trouble of some rough description, also he doesn't get to use it before he's killed by Croatoan.

Fortuna, Lainey: Ability to afflict people with realistic Tarot manifestations based on the cards she draws for them. Untested on any deck other than Rider-Waite. That name is not as funny as the writers think it is. Well, maybe half as funny.

Hawkins, Lisa: Her touch causes material and living beings to explode.

last name unknown, Tony: Ability to create an enveloping, deadly darkness out of any natural darkness. Artificial light and sunlight combat it, but any pitch black situation will cause instant gooey death leaving only skeletons behind.

Senna, Alex: Instant still time, usually when threatened.

Senna, Joe: Manipulating the environment to protect those he loves who he believes to be in danger, i.e. causing his son to be walled up in a room.

last name unknown, Karl: Acid dripping of some sort. 

last name unknown, Justin: Hyperintelligence, from the Teagues' census.

Full List Of Citizens Killed by the Cursed

James Cogan aka the Colorado Kid (Max Hansen convicted of his murder prior to Pilot; even if Hansen was innocent the last person Cogan saw wore the Guard tattoo)
Unnamed "entire family," (Max Hansen, prior to Pilot and the primary set of murders that got him sent to Shawshank)
James Lester (Killed by Caldwell, Pilot)
Geoff McShaw (Killed NOT by a Trouble, Consumed)
Phil Reiser (Killed by Helena? Ball and Chain)
Joe Campbell (Killed by Helena, Ball and Chain)
Ryan Vessey (unknown, present on the original Rev's note in the Glendowers ep)
Simon Crocker (Killed by Lucy Ripley)
Darlene Lewis (unknown, present on the original Rev's note in the Glendowers ep)
TR Holt (Killed by reanimated wolf, Piper Taylor, Fur)
Brad Donnelly (Piper Taylor, Fur)
Piper Taylor (Suicide by her Trouble, Fur)
Van Richards (Killed by Vicky's Trouble though an accidental death, Sketchy)
Bill Rand (Killed by Thornton Aarons's shadow, Ain't No Sunshine)
Mrs. Wilson (Killed by Thornton Aarons' shadow, Ain't No Sunshine)
Eleanor Carr (Killed by the chameleon that was most recently Vaughn Carpenter/Audrey Parker, As You Were)
Principal Carlene [Carly?] Farlow (Killed by Matt West, The Hand You're Dealt)
Xander [last name unknown] (teenage boy) (Killed by Matt West, The Hand You're Dealt)
Vanessa Stanley (Killed by Matt West, The Hand You're Dealt)
Matt West (Killed by Audrey Parker/induced to commit suicide, The Hand You're Dealt)
Andy Weaver (Believed killed by James Garrick, actually killed by below-standard ship parts sold by normal humans, Resurfacing)
Max Hansen (Killed by Garland Wuornos though possibly accidental, Spiral)
Garland Wuornos (Died/committed suicide as a result of his Trouble, Spiral), implied that he can get better somehow by the Teagues
[No deaths in Tale of Two Audreys or Fear & Loathing]
Dockworker (Killed by animated machines via Lewis Pufahl's Trouble, Love Machine)
Jimmy Halsey (Killed by animated machines via Lewis Pufahl's Trouble, Love Machine)
Mayor Richard Brody (Killed by Felicia Brody - one of the Rev's followers, Sparks and Recreation. Set up to look like Lori Fulcher's Trouble.)
Ben Keegan (Killed by Novelli-Keegan Trouble, accidental, Roots)
Unnamed caterer (Killed by Novelli-Keegan Trouble, accidental, Roots)
Anson Shumway (Suicide in order to stop his own Trouble, Audrey Parker's Day Off)
Leith Glendower (Killed by Cole Glendower, The Tides That Bind)
Neil [last name unknown] (Killed by Cornell Stamoran, sometime shortly prior to Friend or Faux, judging by rate of decay)
Cornell Stamoran (Killed by his double, Friend or Faux) (arguably all his doubles, too, but they're dependent on the existence of the original and we have no accurate count)
Officer Stark (Killed by Nikki Coleman, Lockdown)
Chief Merrill (Killed by Nikki Coleman, Lockdown)Evi Crocker (Would have died by Nikki Coleman's Trouble; is instead killed by the Rev's people, Lockdown)
Hugh Underwood (Killed by Nikki Coleman, Lockdown)
Unnamed serial killer (Killed by Amelia, Who, What, Where, Wendigo?)
Edmund Driscoll (Killed by Audrey Parker, Who, What, Where, Wendigo?)
Reggie [last name unknown] ]Troubled, affliction unknown] (Killed by Stu Pierce, Business as Usual)
Barry [last name unknown] [Troubled, affliction unknown] (Killed by Stu Pierce, Business as Usual)
Sheila McMartin (Killed by Bill [last name unknown], Sins of the Fathers)
Kurt [last name unknown] (Killed by brother of the woman he raped, Sins of the Fathers)
Kyle Hopkins (Suicides onto Duke's knife, Sins of the Fathers)
Roslyn Toomey (Killed by BGK, 301)
Gas Station Guy (Killed by a human dog, Stay)
Dogcatcher (Killed by a human dog, Stay)
Human dog (Killed by his cage, Stay)
Greg (Killed by Harry Nix, The Farmer)
Brother (Killed by Harry Nix, The Farmer)
Harry Nix (Killed by Duke Crocker, The Farmer)
Bolt Gun Victim #2 (Killed by BGK, Over My Head)
Alison Hargrove (Killed by Daphne, Over My Head)
Frank Bentley (Killed by Daphne, Over My Head)
Reed Harris (Killed by Daphne, Over My Head)
Lynette? Maybe? (Killed by... herself? Double Jeopardy)
Chad (Killed by Roland Holloway, Real Estate)
Tina (Killed by Roland Holloway, Real Estate)
Mrs. Holloway (Killed by herself, 1983, discovered in Real Estate)
Holloway children (Killed by Mrs Holloway, 1983, discovered in Real Estate)
Lizzy Hamilton (Killed by accident, Magic Hour part 1), she got better
Rica Hamilton (Killed by Moira, Magic Hour part 1), she got better
Charlie Cooper (Killed by Moira, Magic Hour part 1)
Paramedic friend (Killed by Moira, Magic Hour part 1), he got better
Nathan Wuornos (Killed by BGK-Tommy Bowen, Magic Hour part 1), he got better
Noelle [last name unknown] (Killed by BGK-Tommy Bowen, Magic Hour part 2), she got better
Moira [last name unknown] (Suicide by her own Trouble due to reviving Nathan and Noelle at once, Magic Hour part 2), presumably she got better though not seen onscreen
Roy Crocker (Killed by Sarah Vernon, self defense, Sarah)
Thomas Bowen (Killed by BGK, The Farmer, not confirmed until Burned)
Lance [last name unknown] (Killed by Ginger Danvers, Burned)
Four or more women, names unknown (Killed by BGK for parts of face and bodies recovered separately, unknown points in time over season 3)
Five or more women, names unknown (Killed by BGK and dumped at the old factory over the course of s3)
Claire Callahan (Killed by BGK, presumed end of Magic Hour part 1 though must be prior to Burned)
Paul Sullivan (Killed by Robbie, Reunion)
Denise [last name unknown] (Killed by Robbie, Reunion)
James Cogan (Killed by Arla Cogan, Thanks For The Memories, he's supposedly getting better)
Arla Cogan (Killed by Audrey Parker, Thanks For The Memories, she might get better)
unknown victim (Killed by Marion Caldwell, bolt of lightning on the beach, Fallout)
[approximately seven victims over six month hiatus unaccounted for but noted by Nathan Wuornos in Lost And Found)
Sally Marigold (Killed by Don Keaton, Survivors)
cab driver (Killed by Don Keaton, Survivors)
four cafe victims (Killed by Don Keaton, Survivors)
unknown city worker (Killed by Mike Gallagher, Bad Blood)
two unnamed vics, one male one female (Killed by Mike Gallagher, Bad Blood)
Josh (Killed by Tyler, The New Girl)
Katie (Killed by Tyler, The New Girl)
unnamed orderly (Killed by Tyler, The New Girl)
Tyler (attempted to kill his old body but died by Crocker Trouble; whatever the intent we can declare him dead by Troubled person)
four victims, most unnamed (Killed by Paul Krebs, Countdown)
Jordan McKee (Killed by Wade Crocker, Countdown)
Sonya [last name unknown] (Killed by Wade Crocker, Lay Me Down)
at least two other unnamed victims (Killed by Wade Crocker, Countdown/Lay Me Down)
Freddy the barfly and two unnamed victims (Killed by Carrie Benson, Lay Me Down, fully accidental)
Wade Crocker (Killed by Duke Crocker, Lay Me Down, unknown to what degree Wade intended to die at his brother's hands)
minimum seven victims (Killed by Jack & Aidan Driscoll, Crush, accidental on THEIR part but almost assuredly not on the part of the low men from the barn who cursed them) 
4+ victims due to William's evil black globules of mental poison
Suzie (Killed due to William supercharging Doreen Hanscombe's Trouble, The Trouble With Troubles)
Cliff (Killed by William, The Trouble With Troubles)
3 victims (Killed by William's evil balls/the Rougarou, Shot in the Dark)

Original Rev's note:

Citizens killed by the cursed:

James Lester

Geoff McShaw

Phil Reiser

Joe Campbell

Ryan Vessey

Simon Crocker

Darlene Lewis

T.R. Holt

Brad Donnelly

Van Richards

Andy West--?

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  1. What I don't understand is why didn't they combine the Crocker Curse and the Resurrection trouble from Magic Hour to cure the troubles one by one? For example, Duke could have killed Jordan and then have Moira or Noelle resurrect her. They could have gone down the line with each family and wiped the troubles out. Of course, it would have made for a short series.