Thursday, May 2, 2013


For those of you who don't follow us on Twitter, here's what Kitty and I have been up to off-blog for the past month or two. In case you were wondering where all the essays have gone and what on earth we keep babbling about!

First off, I started a weekly recording project which you can find here, in the interests of shoving knowledge and repertoire through my brain. 'cause there's a damn lot of Irish tunes out there, and fussing at one for a month isn't going to get me a style or a repertoire as fast as I'd like to think. Then I found out about the Swannanoa Gathering, which turns out to be right by Kitty and has a bunch of truly amazing fiddle teachers for their Celtic Week.

Not being one for half-measures, I launched an Indiegogo yesterday to help fund that. You can get music from me that other people won't at a couple different levels, you can help choose which tunes I learn right before Swannanoa, you can get a bunch of photos and a write-up of the whole shebang after the fact. Oh, and while I'm down there I plan to record some Haven filk.

Kitty, meanwhile, has been finishing up edits on her Black Ice anthology in preparation for publishing it this fall. While writing the next volume of the anthology, scheduling her writing and releases for the next five years, and submitting a handful of short stories to a variety of places, including Fireside Magazine and Luna Station Quarterly.

Because writing ALL THE STORIES is not just a way of life, it's a calling, she's also launched a weekly email-only serial, Gods & Monsters. That's starting today, and if you sign up on her mailing list before noon eastern, you can be there when it starts. (If you can't, never fear: new subscribers will have access to the backlog.) I know this story, along with all her other ones: you want to read this. It's genre, it's family, it's politics, it's all kinds of things that we love dissecting on the blog, now in fiction format. She's also got a tip jar available for it, in a pay-if-you-want model, because writers cannot live by words alone, though they may try and get glared at for it.

If you don't do anything else with this information, we'd love it if you spread the word. Every little bit helps.

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