Friday, June 7, 2013

Episode Index: Grimm

In light of Grimm having two full seasons, and in light of the fact that our recaps are somewhat scattershot and Renard-focused particularly for the first season, and further in light of the fact that Grimm has a season 3 and we'd like to be able to find things ever again and assume you would too, I figure it makes sense to have all of the recaplyses in one place so y'all can find them. This post will be linked from the Grimm show page and updated whenever we do a new episode. Given the new season and our backlog, assume that we will not be getting around to doing full recaplyses on s1 anytime soon, if ever. Yeah, I know, we're kind of sad about that too. If you have a TARDIS you're willing to let us borrow...

Listed in chronological order of our writing at the time.

O Captain My Captain - S1E01 Pilot  - Renard-centered analysis only.
Master of my Fate, Captain of My Soul - S1E02 Bears Will Be Bears - Renard-centered analysis only.
Analysis S1E03 BeeWare - Renard-centered analysis only.
Stuck In The Middle With You S1E04 Lonelyhearts - Renard-centered analysis only.
Captain Renard and his Merrie Men S1E08 Game Ogre - Renard-centered analysis only.
Not In My Town S1E12 Last Grimm Standing - Renard-centered analysis only.
Captain McLurkypants and the Organ Leggers S1E10 Organ Grinder - Renard-centered analysis only.
Family Matters S2E01 Bad Teeth - Renard-centered analysis only.
JCIRGITC S2E02 The Kiss - Renard-centered analysis only. Also the post that led us to believe we should do a proper blog instead of Kitty just putting them up on Tumblr!
Bounded in a Nutshell S2E03 Bad Moon Rising - Mostly Renard-centered analysis, and the ep that generated "Hank is the best" and made us decide to eventually do full episode recaplyses.
Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams S2E04 Quill - Renard-centered analysis only. It took us awhile to get there!
Ten for Mortal Men S1E13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau - Renard-centered analysis only. Playing catch-up, here.
Love Potion No. 9 S1E15, 16 Island of Dreams, The Thing With Feathers - Renard-centered analysis only. Again with the catch-up, conflating a couple of eps with the potion plotline that don't have many scenes with him.
50 Schades of Grimm S1E17 Love Sick - Renard-centered analysis mostly, with the Schades thrown in by association.
War Games S1E18 Cat and Mouse - Renard and metaplot-centered analysis, because Edgar Waltz is a creepy fuck.
Are You My Mummy? S1E22 Woman in Black - Full episode, due to massive metaplot.
Dessine-moi un mouton? S2E05 The Good Shepherd - Full episode, because we finally got around to it after the post-Olympics hiatus.
Trust Issues S2E06 Over My Dead Body - Full episode.
Captain's Log, Supplemental, Part 1 - Finishing the s1 catch-up, this contains only the Renard scenes from the following episodes: S1E05 Danse Macabre, S1E06 Three Bad Wolves, S1E07 Let Your Hair Down, S1E09 Of Mouse and Man, S1E11 Tarentella
Captain's Log, Supplemental, Part 2 - The last of the s1 catch-up. Again, Renard-centered scenes from: S1E14 Plumed Serpent, S1E19 Leave It To Beavers, S1E20 Happily Ever Aftermath, and S1E21 Big Feet
Sending Out An SOS S2E07 The Bottle Imp - Full episode.
Les Liaison Dangereuses S2E08 The Other Side - Full episode.
Flores Para Los Muertos S2E09 La Llorona - Full episode.
Chekhov's Intern is Fired S2E10 The Hour of Death - Full episode.
And A Nice Chianti S2E11 To Protect and Serve Man - Full episode.
Come To Mess Me Up S2E12 Season of the Hexenbiest - Full episode.
A Democratic Drawbridge S2E13 Face Off - Full episode.
There Is A Hole In Your Mind S2E14 Natural Born Wesen - Full episode.
Because It's Dull You Twit S2E15 Mr. Sandman - Full episode.
Where They Know Your Name S2E16 Nameless - Full episode.
Twelve Meddling Kids S2E17 One Angry Fuchsbau - Full episode.
The Devil's Only Friend S2E18 Volcanalis - Full episode.
Blue Man Group S2E19 Endangered - Full episode.
Your Spirit and My Voice S2E20 Kiss of the Muse - Full episode.
Lord Knows I'm A Voodoo Child S2E21 The Waking Dead - Full episode.
Bring Out Your Dead S2E22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm - Full episode.
Grimm on a Plane S3E01 The Ungrateful Dead - Full episode.
Paragon in Parallax S3E02 PTZD - Full episode.
Dig Two Graves S3E03 A Dish Best Served Cold - Full episode.
Burdened With Glorious Porpoise S3E04 One Night Stand - Full episode.
Y Justicia Para Todos S3E05 El Cucuy - Full episode.
Triumph Over It S3E06 Stories We Tell Our Young - Full episode.
When Life Gives You Gators, Make Gatorade S3E07 Cold Blooded - Full episode.
Page And Monarch Forth They Went S3E08 Twelve Days of Krampus - Full episode.
Доверяй, но провеяй S3E09 Red Menace - Full episode.
Dirty Little Secrets Dirty Little Lies S3E10 - No analysis, but explaining how to fix this phoned-in mess of writing? Yes.
Another Such Victory S3E11 The Good Soldier - Full episode.
All Happy Families Are Alike S3E12 The Wild Hunt - Full episode.
What Rough Biest S3E13 Revelation - Full episode.
A Boy's Best Friend S3E14 Mommy Dearest - Full episode.
Are You My Mummy? S3E15 Once We Were Gods - Full episode.
Celebrate Relentlessness S3E16 The Show Must Go On - Full episode.
My Kingdom For A Therapist S3E17 Synchronicity - Full episode.
What Child Is This S3E18 The Law Of Sacrifice - Full episode.
The Trouble With Troubled S3E19 Nobody Knows The Trubel I've Seen - Full episode.

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