Monday, July 15, 2013


Due to our being in the same geographical location, and my being a ghost during camp week, there will be no Person of Interest ep posted this week. There may or may not be one next week, depending on what else happens. We're very sorry - we've been looking forward to finishing s1 too - but given the import of these eps it's for the best that they happen when we're both well-rested and able to give them our focus.

Haven eps will continue every two weeks as normal until sometime in August (I am way too lazy to look at our calendar right now) when they'll go to every week so we can ramp up to the new season. Trust me, we're excited. I'm just too sleepy right now to muster anything beyond all your caffeine give to Zim.

We'll also have a proper, full-length state of the blog sometime after SDCC happens and we get a chance to watch chunks of the panels and spoilers and so on. You can help us out with that one by leaving YouTube links in comments, if you like! For any of the three shows we're doing.

Thanks for understanding, and we'll see you back here in August for more Person of Interest and Haven s1.

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