Saturday, March 30, 2013

Murderboards Update, mid S2 Grimm

Our heads hurt just thinking about this, especially since this most recent episode gave us a lot of new information but very little new insight. We could have and did guess that the Royal Families want themselves returned to power, we guessed that each faction would be nervous about their alliance with another, and we figured someone would attempt to assassinate the canary, Renard, or both sooner or later. Reasonably, we don't even have a source of that assassination; it doesn't have to be Eric. Still, for your viewing pleasure and so you can call out theories or see just how many goddamn players there are, we present you with our updated murderboard. Now with dead people marked out, but only the really truly confirmed ones. After Kelly's reappearance we're not trusting that Reid is still dead. For example. We've also taken the Grimms out as a faction, lacking any evidence that they function in that kind of cohesive manner. We haven't forgotten about the key, nor have we mistaken Renard's acceptance of Nick as a flunky (because honestly) for trusting him enough to bring him into his circle of whatever-he's-doing. If other keys show up, we'll break out the icons and start marking who has what.

As always, click to embiggen.

Deep Purple - Royal Families
Blue-Purple - Renard's Coterie
Blue - Allied to Nick
Brown - Resistance
Green - Dragon's Tongue
Burgundy - Verrat
Yellow - Wesen Council
Gray - Unaffiliated

Script - Wesen
Standard - Human
NotComicSans - Grimm
Distorted - Verrat

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