Friday, November 1, 2013

Better The Devil You Know: Haven Profile (Jennifer Mason)

Date: 10/25/2013, updated 10/31/13
Subject Name: Jennifer Mason
DOB: 6/27/1984
Gender: F
Age: 26
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Occupation: Journalist updated 10/31/13: currently employed at the Haven Herald
Marital Status: Single
Race: Troubled
Classification: preliminary designation XX-####, to be updated as data accumulates updated 10/31/13: tentative designation CB-####.

Presents with: Subject has a marked tendency to babble when experiencing strong emotion in general and strong negative emotion in particular. Similar to subject ST-BD-####'s own tendencies to obfuscate with overwhelming amounts of data, save that Mason does so untrained and as a natural self-defense mechanism. She does not appear to do so with deliberate intent to conceal her own emotions and indeed is very easy to read as a genuine rule, as much by inclination as by skillset. Subject is capable of being blunt and forthright without cruelty, and preferences discussing matters openly over concealing her feelings. This may be related to her prior training as a journalist and/or may be innate to her sense of self. Subject's radius, when seen briefly, indicated a strong tendency to research and classify anomalous aspects of her life in a manner indicative of journalistic training as well as a desire for an organized mind, possibly to combat what she perceived as her own internal chaos. When confronted with the truth that her supposed auditory hallucinations had some basis in reality, subject was markedly unflappable, using rapid-fire speech as a coping mechanism while acting to the benefit of Duke Crocker in spite of her justifiable fears. Currently, subject appears to be managing the reemergence of her Trouble (pursuant to ceasing medication) and apparent cessation with the destruction of the artifact known as the Barn with remarkable aplomb. Subject may also be embarking on a romantic relationship with subject ST-BD-####, though nothing concrete has been established in that direction as yet. Updated 10/31/13: Subject is extremely capable of thorough and extensive research, though appears to suffer from some degree of insecurity (imposter syndrome highly probable) relating to her abilities, particularly when addressing new and significantly older employers. Indeterminate as to which of these factors, if not both, was at play in her insecurity. However, this does not deter her from noting circumstances and behaviors that are out of the ordinary, such as the brothers Teagues attitude toward her. Subject continues to be remarkably calm and collected under severe stressors, including an assault by subject BD-#### which would have resulted in her death had subject ST-BD-#### not intervened.

Observations: The fact that subject is comfortable with and accepting of the Troubles at such an early stage is indicative of something either in her past or in her Troubled makeup that allows her to be more open to, as subject WR-TR-#### once put it, "seeing what's right in front of [her]." (This was, we must note, in reference to subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker.) We consider it a non-zero possibility that Mason's family was at one point deeply rooted in Haven, and that subject either is ill-informed about her background or is choosing to dissemble. Given subject's apparent disinclination to do the latter, we estimate the former at a 65% probability. It is also likely that subject holds some unknown connection to subject IN-####, due to Mason's connections with the Barn and the statements of subject IN-####'s control over same made by subject SR-####. Whether this is a familial connection (close or distant), a paranatural connection, or a combination of the two we cannot establish with any certainty at this time. Subject is flexible in her thinking yet not in her morals or her loyalty to those whom she's given it, which are many of the same qualities held by subject IN-#### in each incarnation. She has not yet been seen interacting to any degree greater than momentary with subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker/Lexie DeWitt, and we anticipate such conversations may indicate a line of inquiry to pursue as regards their connection. We suspect that pursuit of a romantic relationship with subject ST-BD-#### would provide some measure of stability and enjoyment for them both, provided subject ST-BD-#### matches Mason in forthrightness. Though subject's Trouble appears to have ceased, we fully expect a further manifestation as events on the other side of the inter- or extra-dimensional portal progress. Subject to all appearances is choosing to live in the moment as regards her Trouble, accepting and enjoying its current hiatus, and we anticipate any new manifestation will be handled with her usual aplomb. Updated 10/31/13: Given the revelations surrounded subject's family history (see section below), we may make several additional assessments. Subject is necessary to Haven and may indeed be some form of failsafe related to IN-####, either in the metaphorical or literal sense. (Or both.) Subject's ongoing ability to handle Troubled situations with aplomb is almost assuredly an inherent quality and not a nurtured/taught one. It is highly probable that subject's personality and memories are implanted in a similar manner to those of subject IN-####, cf. subject's lack of grieving affect when discussing her parents' deaths. (This may also be due to subject interviewing for a job at the time, however, and thus we will note this as the first major incidence of Mason's affect skewing from normal parameters and continue to monitor the developing situation.) At this time we do not believe Mason's intentions toward Haven and its residents have altered; she appears resolved to assist subjects ST-BD-####, IN-####, and PT-TR-#### in whatever manner they may require. However, if subject has in fact been imprinted and/or brainwashed via the Barn, there may be residual effects, particularly in the aftermath of that artifact's destruction.

History (Clinical): Six months ago, believed she was experiencing auditory hallucinations and potentially schizophrenia. As subject was in Boston at the time and did not have access to a psychiatrist familiar with the Troubles, subject was prescribed antipsychotic medication which, somewhat abnormally, did in fact cause her auditory experiences of hearing the artifact known as the Barn to cease for the duration in which she took the medication. To the best of our knowledge, subject's auditory experiences ended with the destruction of the Barn, though further scrutiny is warranted. Upon subject's return from Boston, a cautious but friendly invitation to come to our offices may result in further data.
History (Family): No family known, spoken of, or seen referenced in subject's Boston apartment. Considering the nature of subject's Trouble, we believe this is a crucial datapoint to establish. Updated 10/31/2013: Subject was adopted, placement by subject AG-#### with unknown but relatively recently deceased parents; mother approx. five years ago and father as a teenager. No siblings, foster or biological, yet identified; subject was unable to locate her biological parents despite an extensive background check. Court records remain sealed.
History (Medical): None significant known. Peter is looking into her background and datamining the available Boston records.
Recommended Action: Shift to Kitty, with Miranda taking followups as necessary. Approach with caution and without immediately requesting assistance, as subject has had her natural positive demeanor imposed upon at great length and may view further demands on her time with suspicion.
Recommended Action 10/31/13: Remains as-is. Peter will shift his datamining focus to subject's birth parents and all associations with subject AG-####.

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