Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Better the Devil You Know: Haven Profile (Bowen)

Date: 10/07/2012 (updated 11/3/2012) (updated and closed 12/3/2012)
Subject Name: Thomas Bowen
DOB: 01/15/1976
DOD: 09/??/2010
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Occupation: Police Officer
Marital Status: Single
Race: Unknown, presumed human 11/3/12: Unknown, presumed Troubled
Classification: NA-#### 11/3/12: classification unknown at this time, likely class BD, MD, or SR

Presents with: Subject displays competence in most field procedures regarding pursuit and
apprehension of suspects according to police standards. Although employment with the Boston Police Department was verified by phone call, as previously demonstrated by subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker this may not be sufficient to confirm his status as a Boston Police detective. Regardless, he is conversant in and confident of police procedures enough to carry out witness interviews and apprehend suspects. Subject affirms a lower-class upbringing but demonstrates considerable secondary school education [can someone confirm this?]. Colloquial/dialectical speech patterns have been observed, including Boston accent.

Observations:  Subject failed to identify himself initially to Haven police upon his arrival, then proceeded to use strong-arm tactics in order to be allowed to ride along on the investigation into the organ thief. Indicates narcissism with an insular bent, unlikely that the subject was ever acclimated to group work either through vocational training or military experience. Claimed to be in Haven to investigate the organ thefts as a result of a murder which took place in Boston, but this has not been adequately verified and vetted; as well, subject displays signs of deception. Unclear as yet as to what exactly the subject may be lying about, but rapid fire delivery combined with defensive body posture (arms crossed over chest, hands tucked, shoulders defensive and hunched) indicates that deception in some form is present. Subject did provide minimal assistance during the investigation, but preferred also to insert himself in the investigation while providing little in the way of input or cooperation. After the close of the organ theft investigation the subject's hotel room was broken into, and subsequent to that the subject was observed burying a corpse-shaped object in a wooded area. Demeanor was agitated over the phone during this time, but calm after the phone call. Insufficient data as yet to determine whether subject is unusually skilled at surveillance countermeasures and other covert operations, or whether Haven police resources are simply too strained to track the whereabouts and movements of the supposed detective. Unfortunately "Donovan" is proving elusive to track down as to the specifics. Further investigation into the subject's activities in Boston is required. Now established that this was the Bolt Gun Killer disguised as Thomas Bowen, burying the original Thomas Bowen's body.

History (Clinical): Subject has not yet consented to an interview, although whether that is because subject did not initially intend to remain in Haven or because subject is now replaced by an unsub is yet to be determined. Further monitoring will be required and a new agent may be tasked with approach. Update 12/3/12: Subject was indeed deceased and replaced by a skinwalker; see file SR-BD-####.
History (Family): Unknown. Presumed broken home of some degree and manner, but the exact nature is as yet undetermined. No available data.
History (Medical): Unknown, presumed in good physical condition due to line of work. Subject may be deceased due to interference by Troubled person. Update 12/3/12: Subject is deceased due to the activities of subject SR-BD-####; at a rough guess the last several hours of his life in a medical sense involved concussion, death by bolt gun, subsequent skinning for use by subject SR-BD-####, with the remaining musculoskeletal structure incinerated to disguise the extent of post-mortem mutilation.

Recommended Action: Shift to Eve for surveillance and background check. Not to be trusted.
Recommended Action 11/3/12: Continue surveillance, coordinate Eve and Sam for twice-daily updates. Background check reveals nothing of significance.
Recommended Action 12/3/12: This case file may be considered closed. Continue surveillance, but consider any new sightings matching Thomas Bowen's description to be included in file SR-BD-####.

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