Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Better The Devil You Know: Haven Profiles (Claire Callahan)

Note: As of 12/8/12, this file is considered closed. All future sightings matching the physical description of Claire Callahan are considered those of subject SR-BD-#### and should be treated with due caution. Believed at this time to have been murdered and skinned in the aftermath of BGK-Bowen's 'death.' May have been questioned prior to her death; regardless, subject SR-BD-#### has possession of Callahan's notes and case files. Updates to file SR-BD-#### are on hold until further data presents itself.

Date: 10/03/2012
Subject Name: Claire Callahan
DOB: 12/28/83
DOD: 10/??/10
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Occupation: Psychiatrist.
Marital Status: Presumed single.
Race: Unknown, presumed human
Classification: CB-####

Presents with: Obfuscating torrents of babble, some of which seems intended to overwhelm and mask information and some of which seems intended to create an impression counter to her actual emotional state. A preference for group work over solo work, indicative of a tendency to groupthink and, at extremes, prize conformity over independent thought. Subject's strong desire to prove herself, particularly to an older, more experienced woman she admires, overrides her schooling, indicating a lack of and desire for strong female figures in early childhood. Assumes authority easily and largely in the sense of presenting herself as having authority which she may or may not in fact possess, for reasons unknown, perhaps contrived or perhaps psychological and unintended. Places high value on appearances, not because she disbelieves in substance beyond that but because she views it as a necessity to her self-image and self-esteem. Insufficient data as yet to determine if she places as high a value on others' appearance as she does on her own, though it seems safe to speculate that some of those beliefs will seep into her behavior regardless of what she believes she "should" feel.

Observations: This is to be regarded as a preliminary profile only, as all indications are that subject intends to remain closer to the action in Haven for the foreseeable future. However, we have extrapolated the following based on available data. Easily manipulable, the subject is inexperienced in the finer details of hiding her emotions. Were Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos, and Duke Crocker (see files IN-####, PT-TD-####, and ST-BD-#### respectively) not absorbed with other issues at this time, they would be more immediately suspicious of subject's actions and motives. (Additionally, none of the three have knowledge of the Guard, to the best of our knowledge here at Chandler/Hammett.) Subject's use of torrents of words (not dissimilar to Crocker in that regard) to distract from her motives and true feelings are an amateur distraction tactic, indicative of an inability to strategize long-term and therefore unable to anticipate others doing so as well. Under other circumstances, this would not be so effective. Unfortunately for those she works with, this is an effective delaying tactic due to the rapid acceleration of the Troubles and Parker's limited timeframe. It is highly likely that even if subject is not working for the Guard, she is still working for someone; this insertion into daily police and Troubles business reeks of larger-scale contrivance.

Subject's preference for groupthink and conformity may indicate a need for outside validation and/or a fear of being wrong and any subsequent rejection by a collective, somewhat out of the realm of human norms. If subject were provided with a strong, healthy authority figure to follow, she would probably excel both personally and professionally; unfortunately she seems to have fallen into an abusive situation and probably places most of her self-worth on whether or not the authority approves of her progress toward his/their goals. It is likely that subject believes any and all errors or setbacks to be her fault in some way, and works to mitigate the damage to said goals on her own rather than admit to requiring assistance. Subject hasn't the fairest idea who she is.

History (Clinical): Subject agreed to an interview, which she then attempted to turn back on the interviewer, to little success. Subject has declined follow-up appointments, citing her busy professional schedule.
History (Family): Unknown at present, though it seems likely subject will be possessed of another attempt to connect by talking about her (and others') private life at length. Current speculation runs to upper or upper-middle class parents, only child, and knowing little to no physical poverty in her early life. Emotional neglect or abuse possible to likely, either in early life or in recent past, or both. Given the assumed connections to the Guard, recent activities would make it highly likely that this is her stand-in for any family group, and that she has no current ties to her childhood family unless they are also members of the Guard.
History (Medical): Unknown. Subject presents as in relatively good physical condition for her sedentary profession. Given subject's focus on physical appearance, she probably works out regularly, though preferring appearance over capability. May be prone to fad exercise programs and diets.
Recommended Action: Shift to Miranda. Not to be trusted.

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