Sunday, January 13, 2013

State of the Blog

Given the oddities of the current Haven schedule, and further given that your blogmistresses are under their standard ridiculous levels of stress at this time of year, we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys an idea of the next couple weeks!

Obviously we're working our way through the Once Upon A Time episodes, as people requested. I have to admit, though, that this was not fun for us. We don't enjoy hate-watching things; we especially don't enjoy doing so for a show that we did enjoy. (Insert requisite pun here.) So we're finishing it out this weekend, but you heard it here first: if a show becomes something we don't enjoy watching for analysis purposes, or never was something we would consider putting on the blog? We'll drop it or not do it in the first place. We won't go into details why we don't want to do it (unless it's a time constraints reason), because we try not to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't enjoy, even when we're picking things apart. But this started as a way for us to braindump things we enjoy doing, watching, and talking about, and this was a relatively inexpensive time/sanity cost to learn our lesson about writing on things we don't enjoy.

That said, the last of the Once eps (Stable Boy) should go up first thing this week, followed in short order by our very first guest post. Friday will see the AudSarLu profile for Haven, probably without any extra details from the last two eps of this season. We're aware that Haven is airing Thursday night, but we still have lives and things to do on Friday, and so you can expect 3x12 Reunion on Saturday and 3x13 Thanks For The Memories on Sunday.

After that, we enter a seven week drought of no new Grimm episodes. During that time, we'll be updating the Haven show pages, clearing at least some of our backlog of Grimm and Haven supplemental posts (see the sidebar for more information, as usual), and starting work on Person of Interest! The goal here is to get one PoI ep out every week; we'd like to eventually do the s1 and s2 eps of Haven in full recaplysis glory but we're not sure on our schedule for those. Kitty has an urban fantasy anthology she's self-publishing, a house she's still renovating and unpacking, and a day job, and I have a freelance business to get off the ground and musical commitments to maintain.

Thanks to our regular readers for bearing with us while we juggle blog and lives!

ETA 1/14: Apparently this needs saying again: read our policies on the about page before you comment here. Please. I don't want to have to tack the comment policy, in link or shortened form, onto the end of every post, but I will if I have to.


  1. I started reading this blog at the recommendation, but with all due respect I have to say it has been a disappointment. I read the summaries of Haven and most of chapter summaries chapters seem fanfics. Completely ignore the motivations and actions of the characters (especially Audrey), which are justified with words, and the rest is invented. Put feelings into words or characters that have never been uttered by them, only for the benefit of what you want or what you think they see. Sometimes I had the impression of reading a romance novel.
    Audrey Nathan away not wanting the same thing happens to the guy in red, do not want the person who loves the same thing happens now that he loved. He tells Claire at the end of 3x03 and 3x04 principle. Also aside because he believes that the boy can stay in love Colorado. He tells Duke in chapter 3x05, she believes that love can not be erased. Do you really think that having two people in the head is going to fall for a third?.
    Episode 3x01, Audrey literally bursts Nathan's arms, taking to Duke next. Chapter 3x06, shows his jealousy by the ratio of Nathan and Jordan. Chapters 3x07, Audrey or being drunk, desperate, and 20 days of disappearing sleeps with Duke, and the keyword'' says twenty days are not enough to fix our friendship.'' Chapters 3x08, Nathan declares, (ahead of Duke). Episode 3x09, do we need any comment?. Chapter 3x10, being with Ginger and looking at Nathan says that sometimes we have to go but do not want. Chapter 3x11, two interviews to compare with Duke lowers his gaze and looks uncomfortable. With Nathan, leans forward and takes his hand, not to mention the miradaque are cast. Talk on the phone and tells him he has to say something important, and throughout the chapter is clear what it is.
    But not just me talking, I say two producers who have said that Haven tells the love story of Nathan and Audrey.
    Are we talking about the last chapter? '' Nathan 27 years, then we'll do it all again.''
    Chapter 3x06, Nathan is a martyr? Offered as bait by the house? He's the boss, it's your job, is responsble of those people. What is noble Duke offered to acompñarle? By God!
    What Audrey wants to Duke? No doubt, I love this relationship, but not Audrey falls for every man who passes by. Of course, if ignormaos motivations, actions and words can also dream that love with Dwight.
    Tell blog at the beginning of what you write is a free version of the chapters so that people know what to read.
    That if the day you hear of Audrey's mouth that also in love with Duke, return here and reconcere my mistake. Greetings.

    1. Thank you for your input. You're not required to keep reading if you don't like it, of course, but we do this for fun, not to get into fights about readings of the TV show. We don't engage with arguments that are made in bad faith and include personal attacks. Also, we would find it easier to reply to your comment if it were understandable. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable speaking in your native language? As mentioned in our blog policies, you are free to reply in any of the languages we speak fluently.