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Begun in a fit of "why are we only doing this in chat" when we realized we had thousands of words to toss around about Grimm, this blog has since expanded into Haven and Person of Interest and Sleepy Hollow, and may yet include other shows we both watch. (Note as of March 2014: This will require advanced cloning technology. If Tatiana Maslany wants to write for us, um, okay, but we'd rather she go be awesome on screen instead.) Only ones we both watch, since our lives are hectic at the best of times and we prefer to ensure that at least one of us can take over blogging if the other gets sick, goes on vacation, buys a house, you know. The usual.

Our chief tactic is attention, attention and profiling. Er. Our chief tactics are attention, profiling, and a fanatical curiosity. Among our chief tactics are attention, profiling, fanatical curiosity, and an unwillingness to let the data out of our teeth until fully pulped... I'll come in again, shall I?

Your hosts are a pair of liberal arts geeks who managed to attend the same college while never running into each other there, and who have been friends for going on a decade now. When we crack jokes about spotting the patchwork places on our longer posts, we're not just kidding. We're allergic to censoring ourselves and were it not for other people in our lives, probably wouldn't give a damn about attaching both our wallet names to this enterprise. A is more difficult to track down by her wallet name, so she no longer gives a damn.

You can find us elsewhere on the intertubes; our Twitter profiles are in the sidebar and our Look We're Real Adults Isn't That A Neat Trick websites are Kittyspace and Adsartha's Useful Notes

Guest Bloggers

Elle is a recurring guest blogger who came aboard in mid-2014 to provide tasty content during the summer hiatus. Her hobbies include arguing with various forms of media, (especially fictional characters—I’m lookin’ at YOU, Victor Frankenstein!) and messing up kitchens. She regularly commandeers Anna’s cooking utensils FOR SCIENCE, which tends to involve lots of garlic and accidental puns. (And unlike certain mad scientists, she takes responsibility for her creations by finding them loving homes. Where they will be eaten.) She can be identified in the wild by her colorful plumage and high-pitched squealing in the presence of novelty cake pans." 

Comment policy: The comments section is at this time unmoderated. If we end up with a large enough readership to attract spambots and/or trolls, that may change. We do not, however, allow anonymous commenting - we're happy for you to stay pseudonymous, but we've found that anonymity detracts from the overall quality we're going for in the comments section. Our general rule of thumb is the classic Wheaton's Law: don't be a dick. We encourage you to comment with facts we've missed, pet theories you may have, and other critical commentary on the shows. We also encourage our commenters to interact with each other! We do, by the way, invite readers to comment in whatever language they're most comfortable with; between us we're fluent enough to communicate in French, Spanish, German, and Russian, with some vague competency in Japanese and Irish. As far as banning or moderating comment threads, we prefer to take a light hand, but to rephrase from Whatever: we run this blog as we please. You do not get a vote. (Unless we're putting up a poll.) If you try to suggest that you do, we may be rude to you. Personal attacks and declarations that someone's opinion is wrong are unwelcome here, whether directed to us or to the commentariat.

Spoiler policy: We love spoilers. We do not make spoiler cuts so much as "this post is too damn long" cuts. For shows we're currently watching and/or analyzing, you will never, ever hear us complain about spoilers. We're Those People who stalk the Grimm and Haven tags on SpoilerTV. Please always assume that things on this blog will be up to date, and if they're on their way, we'll let you know. Consider us the polar opposite to Mark Reads in terms of spoilers and you won't be far wrong. That said, in light of the leaked episodes around the Haven s3 finale we will also note that we do not watch any media or publish recaps/analysis ahead of air dates. In further light of s1 Sleepy Hollow, we do sometimes strongly advocate that you see the entirety of an aired show before you start reading our posts, because playing find-the-foreshadowing can be more fun when you're already aware of what the foreshadowing is fore-ing.

(Unless someone at NBC, SyFy, or Fox wants to start sending us screeners, and then we will sign your NDAs and schedule our posts for after the episodes air in the US. The dancing in glee you can take as written.)

Standard disclaimer stuff: We have no professional ties to NBC, SyFy, ABC, CBS, Fox, Grimm, Haven, Once Upon A Time, Person of Interest, Sleepy Hollow, etc. This includes but is not limited to: writers, actors, creators, and crew members. While we will make every effort to keep this page up to date with lists of people who can disavow us as official anythings, we may miss something: consider silence an indication that we still have no ties to the copyright holders.

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