Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Better The Devil You Know: Haven Profile (William)

Date: 10/22/2013
Subject Name: William
DOB: Unknown
Gender: M
Age: Unknown
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Marital Status: Unknown, presumed single.
Race: Troubled.
Classification: SR-####

Presents with: Obfuscation. Manipulation of emotions, his own and others', to specific but unstated goals. Multiple goals, those most core to who subject is are almost certainly hidden beneath layers of misdirection and goals which are concurrent but less personal. Despite subject's attempts to conceal it, he feels genuine positive emotion towards subject IN-####; as their sole interaction thus far has been in the now-deceased artifact known as the Barn, we strongly believe that this extends to all designations and that if a prior relationship exists, it may well date back to subject IN-####'s original incarnation. Subject has at least basic combat training, both hand-to-hand and familiarity with some forms of firearms, though considering his observed location we cannot provide any estimates of when or how he might have acquired this training. Given the wide range of subject's emotional responses, we do believe him to be more-or-less human, or at least more capable of falsifying affect in a manner that allows him to relate to humans. At this time we do not know if or in what form he is capable of surviving outside of the Barn; however, given his proclivity for deceit and contrivance, we cannot rule out his reappearance in Haven on this side of the inter- or extra-dimensional portal known as the Door. (See files SR-RF## and SR-JT## for in-depth analysis of methods both advisable and otherwise to cross these types of portals.) Regardless of subject's other powers both physical and paranatural, we consider his ability to manipulate genuine emotion in himself and others his greatest skillset.

Observations: Subject approached subject IN-#### designation Lexie DeWitt with intent to manipulate her into a) leaving the Barn and b) choosing to regain her memories as Audrey Parker. While only the first is certain (and was probably to subject IN-####'s benefit, as we have no evidence to suggest she would have survived the death of the Barn), the second holds more interest and involved a greater delicacy of manipulation than most other subjects involved with the Troubles have evinced so far. (For further possibilities, see case files TD-BD-#### and ST-BD-####, under specific and/or past circumstances.) Subject's choice of phrasing and emotional delivery indicated to subject IN-#### designation Lexie DeWitt that her prior iteration, Audrey Parker, had friends close enough and powerful enough to search for her regardless of where she was and despite possible belief in her death. Subject IN-#### was further manipulated (in this case most likely to her benefit) into recognizing the falsity of the "bar" which the subject heavily implied she had created for a sense of security. (The subject asserted that she had indeed created this illusion; the reasons why were left largely implicit but included a sense of safety/security and the comfort of familiar objects. Perhaps this indicates subject IN-#### has greater control over whose personality she acquires in each incarnation than supposed, as subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker certainly had familiar and comfortable associations with the Grey Gull. See subject IN-####'s file for further discussion.) This was accomplished through means of violence directed at subject IN-####, though not by William directly and, later, violence directed at the subject. It is, however, extremely clear that whoever his two associates are, they were acting at least with his full knowledge and most likely under his orders to trigger subject IN-####'s physical memories of assembling and firing a handgun, something Lexie DeWitt professed to have no experience with. At this time we do not believe violence or the threat thereof is the subject's only or even primary method of manipulation; instead, we suspect that it was the quickest and most direct route through subject IN-####'s natural mental defenses. Given that the Barn was indeed dying, it is likely that the subject chose this method out of desperation. This should not be taken as indicating that subject is uncomfortable with violence in any way, however. Once subject convinced "DeWitt" that her location and experiences were not what she initially believed (and demonstrated his own inability to leave the Bar/n artifact, indicating that he is in some way restricted by it or at least by subject IN-####'s control over it), he proceeded to assist her in finding the Door back to Haven. Her final question to the subject indicated a fear of who she might become on leaving, and his answer, supposedly reassurance but also manipulative, gave her reason to choose to regain the memories of Audrey Parker. Subject has not been seen since subject IN-#### crossed back to Haven, although the concerns of subject TL-BD-#### indicate to us that his reappearance on this side of the portal remains a possibility.

History (Clinical): None known. When subject resurfaces, an invitation may be extended to come in to our offices for an interview, though we expect him to deny our request and, if accepted, we anticipate the subject failing to directly or completely answer any of our questions. However, information may be obtained from the ways in which he fails to answer, so we would still advocate the attempt.
History (Family): None known. Suspected to be a Crocker, or similar to subject AG-####, or, as a third alternative, a member of a founding family of Haven.
History (Medical): None known.
Recommended Action: Shift to A for initial followup when he next appears, to be either taken in shifts with Daifyn or shifted fully to him, depending on the tenor of subject's next appearance. Approach with standard SR-class guidelines if possible. Not to be trusted.

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