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Better the Devil You Know: Haven Profiles (James Cogan aka The Colorado Kid)

Date: 11/5/2012 (updated 1/31/13)
Subject Name: James Cogan aka The Colorado Kid
DOB: 08/31/1956
DOD: 5/28/1983
Gender: Male
Age: 27 at alleged time of death/disappearance 1/31/13:
subject has been held within barn for past 27 years and does not appear to have aged; unknown if he experienced any subjective passage of time though current data indicates he did not
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Occupation: Unknown
Marital Status:. Married (possibly widowed) 1/31/13:
though separated from his wife for 27 years and both his and his wife's status unknown due to external interference
Race: Unknown, presumed Troubled
Classification: XX-####

Presents with: As this is a profile of a person presumed deceased, no interview or current presentation is possible. Analyst will confine herself to observations of current data and update as available.

Updated 1/31/13: Subject has been confirmed living, albeit in a fashion which prevents him from leaving the barn for any substantial length of time. It is unknown in what fashion and to what degree the barn heal(ed/s) subject, though this may be a side effect of his biological relationship to subject IN-####. Subject's affect was relatively flattened, likely due to culture shock and sickness, though he has clearly demonstrated the ability to express surprise, fear, disgust, concern, and hope, as a partial sampling. In this respect he appears relatively normal in emotional lability and reaction given his circumstances and known factors. Subject expressed belief that Lucy Ripley would have been willing to kill him to end the Troubles, but as subject was being manipulated by SR-BD-#### at the time and presumably not in full possession of his faculties we cannot take this as indicative of his past relationship with subject IN-####. This willingness to believe his wife's manipulation does indicate a strong emotional involvement and/or traditional cultural values attached to a loving romantic relationship.

On feeling threatened, subject engaged in mild subterfuge to make his escape into the one place he appears to feel safe (i.e., the barn). This suggests that subject is capable of at least some mid-level mental processing when experiencing fight-or-flight adrenaline rushes, and more importantly suggests that at some point he established the barn as a safe location. Along with subject's ability to avoid others within the barn when he wishes not to be found, this indicates that regardless of his subjective awareness of time within the barn, he is familiar with its workings to some degree. Since his memory is at least partially intact, we may also stipulate that the barn does not have the same effect on him as on his mother despite its disappearance from Haven.   

Observations: James Cogan, aka the Colorado Kid, was predominantly observed from a partially supine position with his back to the photographer. He was clearly a white male in his mid twenties to mid forties, with dark hair and presumably in good health before the circumstances of his demise; at least, no external old trauma was evident. He was dressed in somewhat durable, casual clothing for the time. Descriptions of the event are vague and varied, as all persons present at that time either have no memory of the event or are in an altered state of connection to reality. Two subjects have been established as potentially having knowledge of the situation, but have consistently refused to share information, and as yet enhanced interrogation is not an option.

Upon further investigation and surveillance, the Colorado Kid appears to be James Cogan, a young man in his late twenties at the time of his alleged death. Assuming these are the same person, and assuming it is he who was found dead, another person within Haven found his gravesite and removed his body, replacing it with cinderblock weights, most likely before the closed-casket funeral as there would be no point in putting weight in a coffin unlikely to be raised from the ground. The prime suspects for this action would be the brothers Teagues, in conjunction with Lucy Ripley who left a message at the bottom of the coffin (therefore, beneath the cinderblocks) indicating that she knew either he was not the body placed in the coffin originally or that he was no longer in the coffin. The Teagues are suspect for the simple reason that they seem to be the only ones who knew where he was buried, the only ones capable of remembering who he was, or both. The choice of verb and verb tense also indicate that the Colorado Kid/James Cogan either is still alive or has been reanimated or resurrected in some fashion. This is an established affliction in Haven, as well, with a person of that family available who would have been a young adult at the time.

Prior to his death little is known of his activities, except that he assisted IN-####-Lucy Ripley in her handling of the Roland Holloway case and his connection to her was visible to at least one other person. It is unclear at this time if Lucy Ripley was aware of James Cogan's parentage. Prior to Lucy Ripley, Sarah
Vernon entrusted June and Paul Cogan with an infant whom they named James and who June Cogan inferred to be Sarah's child, although perhaps Sarah told her as well. It is yet undetermined whether or not this is biologically accurate.

Speculation: If this is biologically accurate, it could well explain why the body disappeared from the coffin as well as implying what would happen if subject IN-#### were to suffer fatal but not extensive physical trauma. It would also explain the urgency to find him prior to the set departure date for subject IN-####. (Again, assuming that is a fixed departure date rather than an externally imposed tradition.) The question then remains in this hypothetical, where is James Cogan now and has his memory been rebooted in the same fashion as subject IN-####, or does he retain his memories? And if the first is true, it would indicate that the 27-year life cycle is somehow biologically imposed and enforced, and if the second is true then the 27-year life cycle is most likely externally imposed and enforced, and possibly Sarah intended to spare her child that fate. The second is indicated in a very loose sense by Lucy Ripley's statements that subject IN-#### was fleeing from pursuers unnamed in fear of her life, and by the evidence that many of the factors which steered her towards Haven at the start of Audrey Parker were externally imposed by a figure about whom even less is known (see AG-####).  

A separate note has been filed speculating that the father of James Cogan is either Vince or Dave Teagues, based on prior association, photographic evidence, and the ring with unidentified purpose. No evidence has been found to prove or disprove, however.

Updated 1/31/13: We may now reassess this speculation in light of new data. Namely, the subject is confirmed as the child of IN-#### and PT-TR-#### (or we have as much confirmation as we anticipate receiving at this time, and further confirmation would take the form of visual proof that Sarah Vernon was ever pregnant), and indeed his physical appearance is plausibly that of their commingled biology. Subject has been placed at the barn for the duration of the last ~27 years, after receiving a blow to the head which was supposedly deadly; this has yet to be verified to C&H forensic evidence standards. It is unclear if the barn's ability to heal the subject is due directly to his biological relationship with IN-#### or because the barn responds to her desires or some combination of the two. It is further unclear what the duration on the subject's initial revivification was, and if the current second round will even be effective given recent events surrounding the barn/AG-####. Subject has been made aware of his wife's activities over the last 27 years, up to and including her serial murders in an attempt to recreate her youthful physique, and subsequently rejected her as well as protecting his mother; however, it is also unclear if subject will retain the memories of these events should he reanimate for a second time. Given the broad uncertainties inherent in our current dataset, including the continued existence of the barn, we cannot make any adequate predictions about subject's continued existence, let alone where his loyalties might lie should he be resurrected. We will continue to monitor and assess the situation as further data becomes available.

History (Clinical): No anomalies or Troubles known, though if subject is the biological son of subject IN-#### (iteration Sarah Vernon), some protection from other Troubled individuals is possible.
History (Family): Adopted by June and Paul Cogan, who believed his biological mother to be subject IN-####. The veracity of this is yet unknown. We now believe this to be accurate.
History (Medical): Subject's death was presumably a blow to the head, though this remains unconfirmed by any medical report.

Recommended Action: Turn over to Peter for background check, research, and all other necessary datamining.
Recommended Action 1/31/13: Leave Peter on datamining, turn over to Sam for surveillance. Be aware that any data provided by subject must be scrutinized in light of his lack of complete information regarding the past 27 years and perhaps regarding the Troubles themselves.

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  1. Having escaped the Bookworld, with the aid of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next, I can reveal that I am alive and well, Married, with 3 adult children, and 5 grandchildren. I will further reveal that I live in Maine and practice in the healthcare field. I am reluctant to reveal more details since my life has been peaceful, and since Stephen King lives in Maine as well, some fear and uneasiness remains.
    James Cogan