Saturday, November 3, 2012

Internal Memo: Updates

Internal Memo: Chandler & Hammett
To: Danielle Matheson <dmathes@[redacted]>
CC: Peter Torkarov <ptorkar@[redacted]>, Sam Connor <sconnor@[redacted]>, Eve Marlowe <emarlow@[redacted]>, Ash Dunlevy <adunlev@[redacted]>, Jared Engel <jengel@[redacted]>, Daifyn Ifans <difans@[redacted]>
Date: 11/3/12
Subject: Updated files

Attachment: (unsub919-11312.docx) 14k
Attachment: (tbowen-eval-11312.docx) 15k
Attachment: (haven-11212.docx) 50k

Scanned in the latest out of Maine. You'll want to have a look at this, talk to Johnny about these two specifically and get back to us. It's getting awfully cutthroat up there these days, could use some extra eyes and security.


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