Thursday, August 27, 2015

The State of the Blog Strikes Back

And we're back! We know, we know, it's been so long, we never call, we never write. But we do come bearing news! A surprising amount of news for having been quiet since Haven stopped airing. Let's launch into that first.

First of all, we are, in fact, halfway done with Season 2 of Haven, which we intend to put up as we put up Season not6. Because let's face it, we all know that's Season 6 in everything but name and paycheck. We were hoping, and we know we did say it would be up earlier, all we can say is that things got very busy and chaotic for a while, and then we spent a while recovering from that and adjusting to other life things. Season 2 will, tentatively, go up Friday night so you have something to read before we post Season 6 on Saturdays. Yes, we are still posting on Saturdays. Ten thousand words of blathering and analysis is still hard on our wrists. So that's our schedule for the forseeable future, assuming they don't mess about with the air dates again. Remember, Haven Season not6 premieres October 8!

Murderboarding will be at DragonCon! One of us will, at any rate, I will be on the Friday Arrow panel, the Sunday Haven panel, and the Sunday Flash panel for the American Sci-Fi/Fantasy Media Track. If that changes, I will be tweeting about it under our #Murderboarding hashtag, so keep an eye out for that over DragonCon weekend. I will also have business cards and in most cases be available shortly before and for a little while after the panels if you want to come up and say hi, ask questions, etc. I can say in advance that we are not looking to add TV shows or writers at this point,  but any other questions are fair game.

The Future
We have a couple of other shows in mind to blog, none of them as they air to again save on carpal tunnel surgery. Two of them will be Helix (both seasons) and the Librarians (the first season), post dates to follow as soon as I get back from DragonCon and we have some idea of our work schedule at that point. Helix and the Librarians are both rich shows and labors of love or at least hobby fascination for us, and we're looking forward to tackling them. We also have a couple other shows we're looking at, but there are also other factors involved in these shows that we have to resolve before we talk about blogging them. I know that sounds cagey, but thirty episodes of two shows plus Haven should be enough to look forward to, right?

If I can clean them up enough I may also post the Arrow and Flash notes for my panels. Being the overachiever that I am, they're only half the length of the average post here, and those of you who have read any of our recaplysis posts know how long that is.

That is all the data thus far, and we hope it is sufficient. If not, well, we invite you to sing with us the song of our people.*

* The song of our people is a warped mashup of the dreidl song and the Sherlock Holmes quote "Data data data, I cannot make bricks without clay. Because that's how we roll.