About the Investigators

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Chandler/Hammett investigations was founded in 1986 by Kitty Chandler, student, and Samael T. Connor, former agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation's BSU and the Office of Professional Responsibility. Initially founded as an independent security consulting firm specializing in background checks and private surveillance, the firm expanded over the years by drawing from a local pool of former government agents and ex-military, as well as private individuals. In 1998 Adsartha Hammett, a former client and trainee with the FBI at the time, joined the organization after assisting both Chandler Investigations and the FBI in a successful sting operation against the #### organized crime syndicate. In 2003, Hammett was made full partner as Connor stepped back from a management role to spend more time with his family.

Currently Chandler/Hammett operates out of one main office in Annapolis and several satellite offices including Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, and Bangor, ME. Rumors of a future Chicago office are entirely unfounded.

Kitty Chandler Behavior and Systems Analyst, Project Coordinator. Chandler assists in the client selection process and reviews the section data before analyzing and processing the final client-side report. Specializing in linguistics, alternative psychotherapy, and agent selection and training.

Samael Connor Investigations and Behavioral Analyst. Samael works with Chandler and Hammett to  select clients and oversee the progress of investigations. Despite being semi-retired, he still provides services as needed, as determined by Chandler or Hammett. Primarily works in surveillance, intelligence gathering, and interviews.

Adsartha Hammett Behavior and Systems Analyst, Project Coordinator. Hammett assists in the client selection process and confirms the section data before analyzing and processing the client-side report. Specializing in alternative psychotherapy, personnel management, and information screening.

Alan Donnelly Security, Weapons and Tactical. Donnelly provides and oversees on-site security as well as performing ballistics investigations. He also provides self-defense training for field agents out of the Portland office.

Aisling Dunlevy Behavioral Analyst, Client Liaison. Dunlevy brings a highly trained skillset to client management. Recruited to C&H after over a decade of experience with a private Seattle firm, she specializes in determining which cases to take and heads up the Portland field office.

Daifyn Ifans Behavioral Analyst, Security Liaison. Ifans provides meta-analysis for the West Coast offices, liaising between Portland and San Francisco and arranging for security on more sensitive cases where information must travel between the research and field offices.

Peter Torkarov Research and Investigations. Heading the San Francisco field office, Torkarov is a recent addition to C&H after retiring from the CIA. His past experience makes him excellent at long-term research as well as training future field agents.

Danielle Matheson Behavioral Analyst. Matheson brings a unique, second-generation viewpoint to situational and individual evaluations. Currently she performs data review and system analysis in-office in San Francisco.

Paul Kingdom Forensic Specialist. Kingdom reviews all medical and forensic information at the San Francisco office for accuracy and probable cause, including xenobiology and cryptozoology.

Eve Marlowe Behavioral Analyst, Security. Marlowe provides on-site security for surveillance teams as well as performing interviews and conducting analysis and risk assessment for client locations. She specializes in both active and reactive individual and site-wide security, as well as behavioral analysis. Marlowe heads the Bangor office.

Thomas Marlowe Security and Investigations, Weapons and Tactical. Marlowe provides onsite security for the Bangor office while also examining potential cases for new clientele.

Miranda Cameron Client Liaison, Crisis Counseling. Cameron provides on-site counseling for both clients and agents as applicable, as well as performing intake interviews and site-side client relations. Currently at the Bangor office.

Jared Engel Security, Weapons and Tactical. Engel provides onsite security for C&H offices as well as overseeing security operations at higher-risk client sites. Currently, Engel also serves as liaison between Bangor and Annapolis offices.

Alec Cray Systems and Operations. Cray oversees digital security for all C&H offices,
as well as providing digital security setup and training for validated clients.

Julien Stern Crisis Counseling. Julien provides in-house counseling for C&H personnel, as well as dealing with daily crisis management. Currently located in Annapolis.

Johnny Crisis Management. Johnny provides security and crisis management for extreme cases and severe security risks. Stationed at the Annapolis office, rotating through the other offices as needed.