As we progressed in our data-obsessive tendencies, we discovered that it would be incredibly helpful to have all our information in one place. And so, a show page was born!

Here you will find links to all kinds of (what we hope are) useful sorts of things.

Timeline, as explicated within the show, with several notes along the lines of THIS MAKES NO SENSE and THIS HAS BEEN CONTRADICTED. Because as with much of Stephen King, The World Has Moved On, and therefore this timeline is subject to change without notice. Also possibly Writers Can't Do Math, but I'm a trusting soul. Really. Why are you looking at me like that.

Index of Troubles, in the order of the characters we meet/see their Trouble manifest, whichever happens first. With additional information about the family line where we have it, and with information about whether or not the family line has ended/may have ended due to a Crocker's use of his Trouble. Or information about how the individual's Trouble is being managed thanks to Audrey's intervention, where relevant.

Stephen King Tropes & Myths because this show is not just chock-full of one-off references. Oh no. There are many, many themes running through that are clearly due to the showrunners being devoted King fans, and though we may not get all of them, we'll do our best to keep updating as we find more.

Haven Herald Cover-ups. They've been using the Twitter accounts more than ever this season. Track the latest story the Teagues would have you believe here.

Episode Index. What it says on the tin. Now includes season two for the full Haven experience!

Last, but by no means least, a listing of the profiles we've done so far.
Vince Teagues
Dave Teagues
Dwight Hendrickson
Claire Callahan (no longer being updated)
Arla Cogan, aka Bolt Gun UNSUB (no longer being updated)
Tommy Bowen (no longer being updated)
Agent Howard (no longer being updated)
Jordan McKee (no longer being updated)
James Cogan, aka The Colorado Kid (on temporary hiatus)
The Guard
Duke Crocker
Nathan Wuornos
Wade Crocker (no longer being updated)
Jennifer Mason

Last updated: Dwight, Jordan, the Guard, Vince, Dave 10/22/13. Added William 10/25/13. Updated Wade & Jennifer 11/1/13.


  1. thank you so much for doing this :) I saw the Haven Herald tweet this and your latest profiles. Wish you would do this for American Horror Story, talk about twists and turns. Still I love shows that keep you guessing, and thinking. Intelligent shows are few and far between and I am grateful when I find them.

    1. Aw, thank you! Yeah, the crazy old coots are occasionally... helpful? Don't tell them I said that or they might stop. >.>

      Well, you're welcome to vote on what we do next in the poll! I don't know if AHS will ever make it on there, it's a question of how much time we have as much as how many intelligent shows are out there. But you can see the ones that made it through our totally not random at all selection and vetting process.

  2. Time to update the list of profiles with the new ones on Duke and Nathan - people might not see the links in the archive list

    1. Thanks for your concern, but we'll get to doing a truly massive update on this page, including the new profiles, after the finale airs and we get those recaps out. There's usually a method to our madness.

  3. what is the name of the song played in S1 E3?

  4. Will you be at DragonCon this year? Hoping for more Haven panels!

    1. And several months later (I am SO sorry, I did not actually get the panel schedule until a week ago, literally) I can definitively say I, at least, will be at DragonCon, and the Haven panel is on Sunday at 10 in the Marriott M301-302. I'm also on Arrow and Flash panels, if you're into that sort of thing.

      (I'm so sorry this took so long, I had no idea whether or not there would even be any Haven panels until very recently.)