Grimm, for those of you unaware, is a Portland-based show about a homicide detective who inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures' true faces - the Wesen. His Captain, unlike many of Nick Burkhardt's friends and coworkers, straddles the Wesen/Royal and human/mundane worlds. While Nick collects allies and becomes a new, less violent sort of Grimm, Renard tries to keep his precarious grip on power.

Between the plethora of data and the now-infamous failtern on Grimm's staff, we present for your edification a series of pages on all things Grimm. Check back for updates as we get new information!

Appendix: Wesen Terms and Vocabulary - what it says on the tin. With rough translation of the mangled languages, since that seems to interest a great many people.

Timeline - also what it says on the tin. We have, by now, information that pushes the formation of the Grimm bloodline back to the late 13th century, not to mention however far back the Coins of Zakynthos actually go. (No, we don't trust Farley Kolt and his information as far as we can throw him, why do you ask.) With any luck, this will be updated with some regularity! Why yes, my hints are as subtle as an anvil to the head, I'm so glad you noticed.

Royals, Royals, everywhere, and not a throne in sight - Information about the Royal Families as we know them within Grimm. Also a whole raft of plausible assumptions and some wild-ass guessing about where they're taking these themes and characters. Because we don't pretend we're not here for Renard. Warning: Contains history blather. You will be educated! Resistance is feudal.

Episode Index - Exactly what it says on the tin. All the parsing and mauling we've done, now compiled in chronological order of our writing for your pre-chewed convenience.

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