Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grimm: Axis & Allies

Presented without further comment.

Axis Powers

Mannheim - Reapers and their (putative) boss were located there, Earless was dispatched from there S1E19 Leave it to Beavers
Munich - the Coins
Hamburg - the Coins, Kimura there chasing the coins, S1E22 Woman in Black

Zurich - Anton Krug and Thomas Woolsey departed from there S1E17 Love Sick

Vichy France
Le Havre - The Mauvais Dentes presumably boarded there S2E01 Bad Teeth

Rotterdam - Eric Renard's front company S2E01-02 Bad Teeth, The Kiss

Florence - Edgar Waltz mentioned being there S1E18 Cat and Mouse, Renard displayed a flag from there as a flag of truce S1E08 Game Ogre deleted scene

City Unknown - Akira Kimura is tied to the Yakuza S1E22 Woman in Black
Allied Powers

Paris - Renard calls a man in Paris S1E13 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau

Somecity - Woolsey was from there S1E17 Love Sick
Somecity - Ian Harmon was from there S1E18 Cat and Mouse

United States
Portland - Nick, Monroe, Rosalee. Coming in late to the situation and hogging the spotlight, as usual!
Rhinebeck NY - 18 years ago, the Burkhardt family. Various episodes

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