Friday, September 20, 2013

Episode Index: Haven

In light of the fact that Haven is now one month away from airing s4, I present to our dear readers a one-stop location for all our Haven recaplyses (and recapalypses) to date. This will be linked from the Haven show page as well, and from here on out will be consistently updated as we get through new episodes.

Thus, in chronological order of our having written them up, the eps!

The Truth Is Out There S3E01 301
Dog Days Are Over S3E02 Stay
Bad Company S3E03 The Farmer
About That Half an Onion S3E04 Over My Head
Full Court Press S3E05 Double Jeopardy
House Rules S3E06 Real Estate
Sunrise Sunset S3E07 Magic Hour Part 1
Silence Like A Cancer Grows S3E08 Magic Hour Part 2
A Most Ingenious Paradox S3E09 Sarah
Putting Out Fire With Gasoline S3E10 Burned
Qu'est_ce Que C'est S3E11 Last Goodbyes
Who Dares To Live Forever? S3E12 Reunion
The Show Must Go On S313 Thanks For The Memories

All recaps after this point include spoilers through season 3 or later. You have been duly warned.
And So It Begins S1E01 Welcome to Haven
Tiny Variations in Complex Systems S1E02 Butterfly
Music of the Spheres S1E03 Harmony
Eat Prey, Love S1E04 Consumed
Crush of a Prayer S1E05 Ball and Chain
When You Are Real S1E06 Fur
Still Life S1E07 Sketchy
The Shadow Knows S1E08 Ain't No Sunshine
Sell A Contradiction S1E09 As You Were
Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire S1E10 The Hand You're Dealt
What About Your Future S1E11 The Trial of Audrey Parker
Fill In Blank Spaces With More Dotted Lines S1E12 Resurfacing
We'll Get Out S1E13 Spiral

Nobody Knows The Troubles I've Seen S4E01 Fallout
What You Need To Live S4E02 Survivors 
Blood Love & Rhetoric S4E03 Bad Blood 
Other Worlds Than These S4E04 Lost And Found
As You Are He As You Are Me S4E05 The New Girl
Cut to the Core S4E06 Countdown 
Love Takes Hostages S4E07 Lay Me Down 
No Greater Love S4E08 Crush 
Stigmata Turns To Stigma S4E09 William
Cries Crescendo To Cantata S4E10 The Trouble With Troubles
C&H Report HV411 (complete) S4E11 Shot In The Dark
Cradle Will Fall S4E12 When The Bough Breaks
And The Silver Eyes That See The Wind S4E13 The Lighthouse

See Her Very Well S5E01 See No Evil
Meet The New Boss S5E02 Speak No Evil
How Infinite In Faculty S5E03 Spotlight
This Quintessence of Dust S5E034 Much Ado About Mara
The Manteo Job S5E05 The Old Switcharoo (Part 1)
The Secret Job S5E06 The Old Switcharoo (Part 2)
Paul Is Dead S5E07 Nowhere Man
Photo Finish S5E08 Exposure
A Plague On Troubled Houses S5E09 Morbidity
A Grave Man S5E10 Mortality
Trust But Verify S5E11 Reflections
Fatal Attractors S5E12 Chemistry
Choose Someone Else S5E13 Chosen

Run On For A Long Time S5E14 New World Order
What's Done In The Dark S5E15 Power
As Night Is Dark And Day Is Light S5E16 The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
Damn Your Eyes S5E17 Enter Sandman
When The Man Comes Around S5E18 Wild Card
And Some Are Dying S5E19 Perditus
Remember to Forget S5E20 Just Passing Through
Cold Bitter Mist S5E21 Close To Home
I Must Live While Others Die S5E22 A Matter Of Time
For The Reckless Ones S5E23 Blind Spot
Wings of a Dove S5E24 The Widening Gyre
Be Unbroken S5E25 Now
Will The Circle S5E26 Forever

Audrey II Audrey S2E01 A Tale of Two Audreys
A Life Half Lived S2E02 Fear and Loathing
Love Connection S2E03 Love Machine
S2E04 Sparks and Recreation
We Are Groot S2E05 Roots
And Then You Wake Up S2E06 Audrey Parker's Day Off
Communes Are Just A Red Herring S2E07 The Tides That Bind
Make It A Double S2E08 Friend or Faux
Toxic Masculinity S2E09 Lockdown
To Serve Man S2E10 Who What Where Wendigo?
In The Blood S2E11 Business As Usual
Simon Says S2E12 Sins of the Fathers

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