Friday, June 13, 2014

A Grimm Feast: Introduction

Greetings, Murderlings!

Welcome to “A Grimm Feast,” where we’ll be exploring the various culinary curiosities featured on Grimm over the seasons.  (What did Monroe and Rosalee serve at the Most Awkward Dinner Party Ever?  How about the dish that Juliette made for Nick when she was trying to recover from amnesia?)  These may not be the most perfect reproduction recipes, but they should be pretty tasty.

Now, a traditional food blog would be all shiny and professional and stuff.  (Seriously, do you have any idea how much work goes into a real cooking blog?  The resources, the practice, the presentation…it’s practically a full-time job for some people.)  At the very least, the pictures would be properly composed and the chef would probably have tested the recipe once or twice before documenting it in front of all of you.  Not so in my case.  While I tend to do a fair bit of research and planning, most of what you’ll see here will be my first attempts at these recipes.

Why such an unpolished approach?  Because this is not a traditional cooking blog; it’s a fan blog.  My posts are side dishes as opposed to the main course, so to speak.  Also, imperfection is fun.  I embrace the fun.  Let’s be honest, here: I am not some 6 foot tall French pin-up who can sculpt 40 dozen flawless pastries in a row and top it all off with a buttercream rose and a grosgrain ribbon.  Besides, that shit’s kinda scary.  I am here to geek out over recipes; I am NOT here to intimidate people with my massive macarons.

Anna, why are you laughing?

That said, I’ll also do my best to include links for those who want to cut the crap and just get to the recipe already.  Trust me, I know…there are few things more annoying on a cooking blog than when you just want to know what the ingredients are and the author spends 20 pages rambling about the inspiring roadtrip they took when they were 16.

First up: Bud’s Cherry Pie.  Coming next week!

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