Monday, November 26, 2012

Murderboards, Grimm mid S2, Haven late S3

Once again, the murderboards (actually more like murder dotplots) of Grimm and Haven, current as of all the episodes to date. We would like to register a complaint with Stark Industries, which refuses to loan us the use of JARVIS for these purposes. This would be so much easier if we had a 3D holographic display to manipulate.

Also, now that everything has gotten fairly complicated on both shows, the murderboards from here on out will include a color/font key so that everyone knows which sides each aspect of each dot refers to. If the various factions start splintering even more we might consider making sub-dots or logos that require even more keys to decipher, but thankfully that hasn't happened yet. 

As always, spoilers abound, and click each picture to embiggen.

Deep Purple - Royal Families
Blue-Purple - Grimms, loyalties unknown
Blue - Allied to Nick
Brown - Resistance
Green - Dragon's Tongue
Burgundy - Verrat
Gray - Unaffiliated

Script - Wesen
Standard - Human/Grimm
Distorted - Verrat

Due to the size of the map, only the color key is in effect here. Same as the dot-plot above. Not shown: Tokyo, Mia Gaudot and the Dragon's Tongue. Yes, that entire cluster between Vienna, Prague, and Krakow is intended to be Vienna-based, except Gustavo who may be drifting downstream in the Danube by now. AS1 and AS2 indicate the stops Adalind claims to have made prior to landing in Vienna.

Blue - Allied to Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Slate Blue - Loosely Allied to Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Green - Guard
Brown - Antagonist faction, name unknown
Red - BGK/Tommy Bowen
Gray - Unaffiliated

Standard - Human/Untroubled
Wacky - Troubled
Black - Tattooed 
Even More Wacky - Agent Howard

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