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Better The Devil You Know: Haven Profile (Jordan McKee)

Date: 10/31/2012 (updated 12/3/12) (updated 10/22/13)
Subject Name: Jordan McKee
DOB: 06/20/1978
DOD: 05/??/2011
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Place of Examination: Data compiled at Chandler/Hammett Investigations offices
Occupation: Waitress at The Gun & Rose; member of The Guard
Marital Status: Single, former relationship PT-TR-####, suspected past relationship WR-####
Race: Troubled
Classification: TR-BD-####

Presents with: Subject is inclined to keep to herself; unknown at this time if this is a result of her Trouble activating or an innate tendency. Given her anger at her present state and her current occupation, it seems likeliest that subject enjoyed spending time around people prior to the Troubles and since that time considers it safest if she removes herself from society. This has led to a tendency to lash out verbally, followed by physical contact (gloved or ungloved depending on subject's sense of personal safety) should the verbal warning be ignored. Subject despises her Trouble and, quite probably, herself; this has created a feedback loop unlike most rape victims' where she is reminded of her initial assault every day. Worse, her affiliation with the Guard means that sometimes she is expected to use her Trouble as a weapon, making her mental state more fragile as such incidents add up. Wuornos is the first person able to touch her (though we believe subject IN-#### would be able to do so as well, we lack evidence), and as a result subject has a strong attachment to him, verging on addiction. Updated 12/3/12: Subject developed a fixation to the point of obsession with subject PT-TR-####, including the belief that she knew what was best for their relationship. This belief was founded solely on her experience as a member of the Guard, not on discussion or trading information with Wuornos. Subject believes that IN-#### is the source of the disruption to and ending of their relationship, rather than any actions or inactions she took. She deliberately manipulated and misled all parties in an attempt to gain influence over subjects PT-TR-#### (direct) and IN-#### (indirect), and continually protested that her actions were "for [them]." This speaks to her unwillingness (and perhaps inability) to do anything other than follow orders from the Guard. Updated 1/28/13: Subject may be second-in-command of the day to day operations of the Guard, or alternately may exist outside the hierarchy for reasons related to her Trouble and her positioning relative to subject PT-TR-####. When she appeared most recently, body language and assertive behavior indicated that she considered herself relatively high-ranking within the group, though this belief may have been wholly wrong due to her lack of knowledge regarding the ultimate authority. Subject was disdainful and upset by the indication that subject ST-BD-#### was in love with subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker, in keeping with prior reactions to Parker as regarding relationships of any kind. This indicates a lack of knowledge about how subject IN-#### functions, along with the barn; we may extrapolate that subject believes that the two are linked only insofar as the alleviation of the Troubles for another 27 years, that subject IN-####'s purpose is to alleviate individual Troubles and protect Haven with each resurgence and then leave when the barn comes. Subject indeed proved unwilling to disobey orders from the Guard, though the revelation that subject TD-BD-#### was in charge of the group led her to finally choose her own target. This target was, as expected, subject PT-TR-#### due to his attempts to destroy the barn (see case file AG-####) once subject IN-#### entered it. Subject fired multiple shots at Wuornos upon his firing shots at subject AG-####; this was then followed by multiple shots fired at subject by Crocker, who was also present at the time. Subject's physical whereabouts and status are unknown at this time. It is notable that she fired on Wuornos after he presented a clear and present threat to subject AG-#### but before he fired; due to his Trouble he was unaffected by the pain as any other person would have been. It is unclear whether subject did not realize this, subject's aim was off, or subject was not shooting to kill in the first place. Subsequent shots may not lower the percentage of the latter's probability; rather, subject may have fired repeatedly in response to emotional stimuli rather than calculated thought. It is now clear that subject has several priorities: removal of her Trouble, reacquisition of her relationship with Wuornos, and removal of Parker from Haven, all of which are enmeshed in subject's attitude toward the Troubles in general and subject IN-####, the barn, and the Guard in specific.

Updated 10/22/13: Subject survived the incident at the artifact known as the Barn due to the efforts of subjects WR-#### and PT-TR-####, who were respectively competent in battlefield medicine and able to touch the subject. Following subject PT-TR-####'s departure from Haven due to his (not inaccurate) belief that he had caused a worse fate for all people in the town both Troubled and unTroubled, subject appears to have bolstered her position within the Guard. Concurrent with this appears to have been subject TD-BD-####'s loss of status within the organization, leading to an apparent schism within the group at subject's instigation. Subject entered a major yet functional depression, leading the Guard in daily operations and possibly working parallel to subject WR-#### in his new position as chief of police in order to assist civilians within the town. It is likely that had this continued unabated, subject would have died in the line of her duties with the Guard, as the Troubles appear to be increasing in lethality in recent months. However, with the reappearance of subjects ST-BD-#### and PT-TR-####, subject developed a new fixation (encouraged and abetted by said subjects) that despite her desire to kill subject PT-TR-#### for his part in allowing the Troubles to continue with no feasible end in sight, it was yet possible that subject IN-#### would reappear and that she would then carry out the supposed final solution to the Troubles, i.e., killing the man she loves. Though there is no evidence to suggest that subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker (or, for that matter, any other designation) would be willing to commit such an act, all subjects involved in this plan have accepted it as their best case scenario. Subject's fixation with this scenario has been frequently indicated by her as a desire to end the Troubles so she can experience human contact again; citing every study that demonstrates the negative effects of denying a person physical contact for an extended period of time is beyond the scope of this profile but should be taken as read. As subject devolved as a result of IN-#### designation Audrey Parker/Lexie DeWitt's reappearance, providing hope without a fixed schedule, she developed a working theory that the Troubles were subject IN-####'s Trouble and could therefore be ended if an activated Crocker killed her. Unfortunately, subject did not take into account the data that indicates that the Troubles arrive several years (general pattern suggests approximately two) prior to subject IN-####'s arrival, and thus the theory is implausible at best. Nevertheless, subject continued to put plans in motion, going so far as to subdue and restrain subject TD-BD-#### to remove him from the field of play, and seduce subject BD-#### into willingly activating his Trouble with promises of power and future respect as the man who ended the Troubles for good. Subject TD-BD-#### chose this time to reveal information to her regarding Simon Crocker and the timing of the Troubles, subtly manipulating the subject into the realization that not only has she become the sort of person she despises but that her plan would not, in fact, work. When subject realized this, and upon learning that subject IN-#### designation Audrey Parker/Lexie DeWitt did in fact retain all of Parker's memories and much of her personality, subject appears to have further comprehended the enduring partnership and desire to help others above their own romantic preferences between subjects PT-TR-#### and IN-####. Subsequently, subject attempted to dissuade Wade Crocker from his already-established path of addiction to the rush provided by his Trouble, and in the process of this attempt, he killed her. Subject did not, despite all efforts, provide subject BD-#### with her theory that a Crocker could kill subject IN-#### and thereby end the Troubles.

Observations: In time, subject's attachment to subject PT-TR-#### may indeed develop into an addiction. Subject's anger issues and emotional vulnerability make her an excellent candidate for opting into an unhealthy and (co)dependent relationship, particularly with a person as emotionally unavailable as Wuornos. We cannot discount the possibility that Wuornos is playing a long con, and if subject decides this is true (regardless of whether or not he is; she has ample evidence that indicates a need to be wary of his motives) then she is high-risk for taking some sort of poorly considered action. Subject lacks impulse control and is capable of holding a grudge for a long time, a combination sure to clash with Wuornos' patience.

At this time, it seems likely that subject's loyalties are divided or are becoming so, due to her affiliation with the Guard. We have very little data on the hierarchy within the Guard, but it is apparent that one exists. Subject is unlikely to have used her Trouble in the recent prisoner escape without being instructed to do so, therefore she is at best mid-level. Current assessment is that someone within the organization has induced her to use the Trouble to help other Troubled individuals, citing this as a worthy use of something she loathes and perhaps instilling in her a belief that supposedly righteous use of her Trouble redeems her for those she hurt who she feels did not deserve it. Subject is extremely susceptible to this form of manipulation and presumably may be used to further the Guard's goals without consideration for her own desires. Given her association with Hendrickson, regardless of any romantic component, it is probable that she now resents him for getting out of the Guard, something she considers impossible. Updated 12/3/12: Subject's loyalties have been resolved as remaining with the Guard, though it is entirely likely that she continues to believe that her attempted actions were also to Wuornos' benefit. It appears that subject PT-TR-#### was not conning her; however, his choice to break off their relationship in response to her actions may well result in subject planning vengeance on either himself or Audrey Parker. We have nothing to contradict our previous assessment of her standing within the Guard and some data that supports it. Updated 1/18/13: Subject does seem to have believed that her standing within the Guard was higher than suggested by the actions of other Guard members. Her reaction to learning that subject TD-BD-#### is the leader of the Guard was one of betrayal and shock, not a reaction we would expect from someone well-placed either as a soldier who obeys orders and asks no questions or as an actual high-ranking member. It is extremely probable that Kirk manipulated her on TD-BD-####'s orders, and though we have seen little direct manipulation of the subject we have a great deal of evidence that subject TD-BD-#### considered her expendable as well as useful, up to and including having sent subject PT-TR-#### to the subject initially. As noted in the original profile, subject did indeed take rash and ill-considered action with respect to her relationship with Wuornos, both in that she remained loyal to the Guard and chose not to make amends for her deceptive and manipulative behavior prior; indeed, she appeared to believe no such action was necessary. Following that, subject shot Wuornos in response to his threatening subject AG-####, appearing extremely upset that this was the only option she felt was available to her and that her desire for him was conflicting so imminently with her desire to become unTroubled. Subject's status at this time is unknown; the GSWs sustained did not appear to be of the sort that were immediately fatal (upper right shoulder, lower left abdomen), but subject has not been seen since the events at the barn and it is probable that she was drawn inside the structure at the time of its apparent implosion. If subject survives, it is noteworthy that she is likely in a place which negates the Troubles and that she was also shot by Duke Crocker. These factors may combine to interesting and unexpected results. 

Updated 10/22/13: Subject continued to deteriorate over the course of six to seven months, unsurprising given the duration of her Trouble and assorted actions that she presumably blamed herself for, either in the carrying out of or the thwarting of. Despite this internal deterioration and despite subject's evident inability to protect herself emotionally or compartmentalize recent events at all, subject did her best to provide aid and comfort to civilians and to maintain the Guard's primary mandate of assisting the Troubled. As with many such people who enter a depressive episode, subject forced herself to functionality for the benefit of others while neglecting her own needs and desires. When presented with her overarching goal in sight, subject appeared to drop many of her previously important duties and attempted to develop ways in which the termination of subject PT-TR-#### by IN-#### could be hastened, or, failing that, an alternate method by which to end the Troubles for good. Subject does not appear to have considered other temporary methods, or to have investigated whether or not an artifact that would serve a similar purpose to the Barn could be built. Moreover, though subject ST-BD-####'s proposal was to have subject IN-#### designation Lexie DeWitt fall in love with subject PT-TR-#### and then kill him, subject in no way expressed desire to support such a goal. This leads us to believe that subject's anger at subject PT-TR-#### and jealousy of subject IN-#### prevented her from providing assistance with the plan, though she also did not attempt to contravene said plan, which may have been the greatest effort she was capable of. Relations with others in Haven remained tenuous at best, save for what appeared to be a burgeoning partnership with subject WR-####; subject's greatest concern for an individual other than herself (as opposed to the greatest good) was indicated when Hendrickson was under direct threat. Subject also expressed several suicidal urges over the course of several weeks, indicating her lack of desire to live with her Trouble any longer but her desire to die doing some good for the town. Unfortunately, her desire to end the Troubles and her fixation on subject IN-#### as the catalyst for their existence in the first place caused her to activate Wade Crocker. Had the subject been more capable of controlling herself at the time, she might well have been able to manipulate subject BD-#### to her will; however, subject BD-#### evidenced a keen awareness of her major weakness and returned her attempts at seduction by way of barrier protection. It is likely that between this manipulation and ST-BD-####'s emotional manipulation that nonetheless made her aware of what she had become, and would become if she continued, that subject chose to enter into conversation with Wade Crocker in a closed, private environment with some awareness of the potential outcomes. While we can only hypothesize, we believe it plausible that subject was willing to allow subject BD-#### to kill her (as she did not use her Trouble against him) to prevent anyone else from suffering as she did. She may also have intended it as a warning to subjects ST-BD-####, PT-TR-####, and IN-####, though to what additional purpose considering all were present at the time subject BD-#### stabbed a man whose guilt he was unsure of in the gut simply to activate his Trouble we cannot say.

History (Clinical): Prior patient of Claire Callahan's (see file CB-####); unfortunately Dr. Callahan has refused C&H access to subject's files. It is known that the therapist-patient relationship was terminated at Callahan's behest due to subject torturing her rapist for three days. Perpetrator remains in a coma. Subject suffers from a Trouble that prevents others from touching her and causes those she does touch severe pain; this has a deleterious effect on her relationships with others. An offer has been extended for additional therapy with a more detached doctor. Subject has yet to reply. Updated 12/3/12: Subject has declined.
History (Family): No known family at this time. Likely that she considers the Guard her family. Probable past relationship with Dwight Hendrickson (see file WR-####) and possibly associated with subject designated SR-BD-####, though it is assumed that subject does not know the identity of SR-BD-#### at this time (or more accurately, subject's activities that have caused him to become an UNSUB in our files). Current  Former relationship with Nathan Wuornos (see file PT-TR-####) based on his ability to touch her due to his own Trouble.
History (Medical): Raped probably 3-12 months ago. No access to the medical files at this time though a request is in to Haven Hospital. At this time, the only damage we can be certain of is psychological, doubly so given that subject's Trouble activated as a result of the rape. Updated 10/22/13: GSWs, left abdomen and right shoulder, sustained during the incident at the artifact known as the Barn, which appear to have been adequately treated despite subject's Trouble and healed over six months with few to no obvious lingering physical disabilities. Sustained one superficial laceration and one fatal knife wound during her final altercation with subject BD-####.
Recommended Action: Shift to Eve. Not to be trusted.
Recommended Action 12/3/12: Shift to Aisling and Alan as part of their initial surveillance of the Guard; shift back to Eve afterwards. Not to be trusted, considered dangerous.
Recommended Action 1/28/13: Shift to Sam until such time as subject's status is confirmed; shift to Eve if subject is alive and not in barn. Close file if subject is confirmed deceased. 
Case File Closed 10/22/13: Due to subject's death.

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