Friday, February 1, 2013

Internal Memo: Updates

To: Danielle Matheson <dmathes@[redacted]>
CC: Peter Torkarov <ptorkar@[redacted]>, Sam Connor <sconnor@[redacted]>, Eve Marlowe <emarlow@[redacted]>, Ash Dunlevy <adunlev@[redacted]>, Jared Engel <jengel@[redacted]>, Daifyn Ifans <difans@[redacted]>, Alec Cray <acray@[redacted]>, Thomas Marlowe <tmarlow@[redacted]>
Date: 2/1/13
Re: Updates

I don't think we've gotten to do the I-told-you-so dance this many times in a row in recent memory. Enjoy, and pace yourselves, this is a lot of reading.

Please take special note of the updates to recommended action. Sam, remember that we're on recon and document detail and are not to interfere, no matter how much you want to tear that stupid barn to shreds. Be better. Or we'll lock you in the office with Danielle and a case of Monster again.

Danielle, if you could run a genealogy chart on the Crocker bloodline that would be especially helpful. Look for melded branches, as in HV-205. Might want to check on Carver as well.


Attachment: (audsarlu-eval11813.docx) 27k
Attachment: (nwuornos-eval1913.docx) 25k
Attachment: (dcrocker-eval1313.docx) 24k
Attachment: (howardakabarn-eval101512.docx) 19k
Attachment: (theguard-eval12312.docx) 19k
Attachment: (teaguesprofile.docx) 21k
Attachment: (jmckee-eval12312.docx) 19k
Attachment: (dhendrickson-eval92112.docx) 15k
Attachment: (arlacoganakaunsub919.docx) 22k
Attachment: (coganakakid.docx) 13k

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