Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Internal Memo: Profiles

To: Danielle Matheson <dmathes@[redacted]>
CC: Peter Torkarov <ptorkar@[redacted]>, Sam Connor <sconnor@[redacted]>, Eve Marlowe <emarlow@[redacted]>, Ash Dunlevy <adunlev@[redacted]>, Jared Engel <jengel@[redacted]>, Daifyn Ifans <difans@[redacted]>, Alec Cray <acray@[redacted]>, Thomas Marlowe <tmarlow@[redacted]>
Date: 10/20/13
Re: Profiles new and old

Attached please find several updated profiles; we're starting with the relatively simple and working our way through. Those of you on Teagues duty please take special note of the revised possibilities regarding type GL. The Cogan and Howard files may be dropped to archival purposes, along with, after this update, the McKee file. That said, we would not be surprised to find a need to update the first three files again, and besides they'll be extremely useful in comparing against current profiles of people who've dealt with them in the past, so don't completely deep-six them into your weird filing system, Peter.

We're currently constructing profiles for the three major new players. Alec, we're putting you on temporary field assignment to the new Crocker with Thomas. Set your little gadgets to work, focus on his car, and then get the hell out. We'd prefer no casualties on our side. Then you can tackle the brothers and their murder bunker. No, Dee, we still don't have time or funds to build our own. Kitty will take Mason in conjunction with her duties on subject ST-BD-####, with A as backup when she's not digging through the archives for supplemental material regarding subject SR-####. Expect paperwork to be filed by the end of next week at the latest.

(Kitty insists I'm not allowed to rip him apart with my teeth until we know he's had all his shots. She is no fun. And these archives are dusty, Sam, what have you been doing back here?)


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  1. Hello. Can't wait to read more from this site as I saw it off of the Haven site on FB..I do have a quick question. What are ST-BD, SR, etc??

  2. Would you believe, since we started these profiles it's only in the last week or two that we've gotten any questions like that? Which is the only excuse we can offer for not having a decoder key up. :)

    Anyway, we're now working on a general vocab/terms page that goes across all our shows, and that will have a link to the explanation of the designations on it. Should go up today.